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First you voted, and now look what you've done! Here you will learn a little more about each of the winners, or Official FluevogCreatives.

aurel on vespa


Natalie Curtiss is the winner of the FC Angel Derby Swirl brief with her winning submission "Angelic Sole." Natalie, hails from Milford, New Hampshire, graduated from Rivier College with a BFA in Illustration, and currently works as a web designer for WhippleHill Communications designing websites for schools. In her spare time, Natalie works on her own artwork, creating paintings for children's rooms and hand-painted children's furniture using watercolor, gouache, and acrylic paints.


aurel on vespa

head dress and wall


I'm very lucky to have a wonderful studio where I can do my work. My husband and I purchased a 120 year old house in New Hampshire that happened to have an attached barn. With the help of my Dad we turned the barn's hayloft into an art studio. Now I have plenty of room to spread out and work on my paintings, furniture, sewing and any other project I can think up.


aurel on vespa


On her first pair of Fluevogs:

The first time I ever saw a pair of shoes with the Mini heel I knew those were the shoes for me. I'm lucky enough to live close to the Boston store so I bought my first pair (Mini Qtee) and have been obsessed ever since.


grand national

grand national


On the reason why she decided to enter the FluevogCreative contest:

I started submitting designs for the various FluevogCreative contests because I love the shoes and the idea of being able to create a design with few restrictions was too good of an opportunity to pass up. It's a luxury I don't often get when designing for my regular clients. The thought of having my work published in magazines was a motivator as well. I almost didn't enter this particular contest, but I had paid a visit to the Boston Fluevog store and was inspired to try one more time. The next morning, bright and early I created this design in a few hours.


radio walk


Inspiration behind her winning design Angelic Sole:

This is the forth time I had entered a FluevogCreative contest, so once I started, the ideas came pretty quickly for this one. The name "Angel" and their Satan resistant soles immediately made me think of the stained glass windows in churches, which is what I based my design on.


You can find more of Natalie's artwork, illustrations, and furniture art on her website.

URL: www.nataliecurtiss.com


radio walk


The Final results for the Angel Derby Swirl as of noon PST on April 22, 2010

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