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Located in the heart of the Stephen's Avenue shopping district, John Fluevog Shoes has been serving the good Fluevogers of Calgary since 2011. Located in a turn of the century mill, JF Shoes Calgary is proudly boasts custom furniture, art gallery, and a Flueseum all designed by John. There is even a public 'break room' with a VogVending machine with cool and crafty items made by Fluevogers. The lovely staff welcome you to try on some shoes, or even kick back, relax, and draw some shoes. Come in and experience the history of John Fluevog.

calgary store



John Fluevog Shoes Calgary


207 8th Avenue SW

(403) 265-1970

Store Hours:

Mon-Wed: 10-6

Thurs-Sat: 10-7

Sun: 12-5

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Posted by Tawna from Calgary:
Downtown Calgary is a whole lot awesomer!

Before the Fluevog store opened in Calgary I had a constant short list of fluevogs I coveted until I could add them to my collection, now that the store has opened I have a significantly longer list and significantly less money in my pocket which doesn't make me sad as I see fabulousness on my feet instead! I am always amazed at shoes I fell in love with when I saw them in person that I only felt "meh" for when I looked at them online. Pictures do not do these beautiful works of art justice!!!
Posted by Susanne from Calgary:
Bought my first pair 7 year ago

I bought my first pair of black and white peep toe heels over 7 years ago and they still look new. I love them and get compliments all the time. Best shoe investment made by far. I am always on the go and comfy, style forward shoes are so needed.
Posted by sylvie Lapointe from Calgary:
Amazing shoes!

I recently moved to Calgary and I pass by the window several times before I finally decided to open the door. Since then, I'm addicted to their shoes. I got 4 pairs so fare (within 2 monhts) and this is just the beginning. Congratulations for such creativity... and comfort!
Posted by Lesley from Calgary:
Why I Love Fluevog....

...and everyone who works at the Calgary store. Thank you everyone - Jodie, Sana, Aaron, Shea, Tanya - for the most excellent service you ALWAYS provide. It is such a great store to come into and you make everyone feel welcome and special. Oh yeah, and there are also the most AMAZING shoes to buy too! What a great combination. I am rocking the Swordfish Surrealist Pizzas in green today and LOVING IT!
Posted by Nora Haggerty from Fort McMurray, Alberta:
Need a replacement part

I need a new lift for one of my boots (not only came off but lost) I am sorry but I cannot remember the name of the style (sad since I have 2 pairs in different colours). It was not one of the ones that you have on the website under parts, not could I find the style on your website. I can send you a picture of my boot so you figure out the style. I will be in Calgary in May and if it is possible to order and pick a lift up I will come to your store. I own (as of this week) 7 pairs of fluevogs and this is the first issue I have ever had with any.
Posted by Stuart from Calgary:
Best Fluevog Staff...Ever!

One day, I noticed a cute redhead propping the door open and our eyes met and she smiled so I decided to check out the store. I'm glad I did. It was so surreal. I heard birds singing and the sun shone brighter. It was out of this world! It was almost of a Titanian atmosphere - I felt as though I was floating (or flying) through a shoe-heaven. I quickly noticed a blonde girl whom I later learned goes by the name of Jodie, wearing the sickest pair of turqoise loafer type shoes with killer cutout detailing on the sides. She took a good 15 minutes to explain the history of Fluevog to me and then guided me upstairs to check out the Fluseum and the Peanut Gallery in the basement (which by the way has some great photography at the moment). I wasn't able to try any shoes on, but I definitely will be back. The rest of the staff was super friendly and their shoes looked divine. I am in awe and am so proud to be able to say that a store like John Fluevog Shoes is in Calgary.
Posted by Brenda from calgary:
Hey there! Heard about the store on the CTV News report tonight. I am presently on a bit of a holiday and know where I'm headed on one of my days off....your store! Bet you're a skip and a jump from Winner's. See you soon.
Posted by c from Canada:
YaY finally

When I moved here from Vancouver I was sooo dismayed...ohh truly heartbroken :-( at finding your shoes at the horrid Gravity Pope on 17th (hrmm, can you tell I HATE that store?) and the JOY and CELEBRATION that is happening now that you have opened your own store?? Happy days Calgarians! YOU have true Fluevogians (?) to help you step in the right fashionable direction! YAY again...probably too much but what then FLUV do I care... xo much loves c
Posted by Paula Ney from Calgary store:
Christmas in Calgary

I will be spending Christmas in Calgary (live in Ontario) - can't wait to visit your Calgary Store!!! ,-)


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