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Fluevog Distillery

Located in the historic Distillery District of Toronto, John Fluevog Shoes has been serving the good Fluevogers of Toronto since 1989. The Distillery District is the largest preserved collection of Victorian-era industrial architecture in the World, perfect for a relaxing shopping experience among the most unique (often Victorianesque) shoes. Reflecting John's positive and bright messages, the space is completely Fluevogified with Victorian-era inspired furniture, preserved original architectural features to pay homage to the history of the space; wood from the previous tenants was reclaimed and repurposed into shoe displays — bringing together a bright and positive space that is completely Fluevogified." If you're in The Distillery District, make sure you pop in to say hello to the awesome Distillery crew and try on some sweet Vogs.



Meet Distillery

Distillery Staff

John Fluevog Shoes
Toronto Distillery


4 Trinity Street
Toronto, ON. M5A 3C4

(416) 583-1970

Store Hours:

Mon-Fri: 10-7

Sat: 10-8

Sun: 11-6


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