2019 Fluevog Artist Grant Winner!

The Fluevog Artist Grant is a $10,000 fund designed to support the creative growth and development of up-and-coming talent within our community of Fluevogers. First awarded to Ottawa’s Anna Williams in 2017, the grant re-opened this January and we’re happy to announce this year’s winner!

Nico Williams is a geometric glass weaving artist based in Montréal, Quebec. Known for going beyond the norms, turning his complex beadwork into sculptures and fine art, Nico creates meticulous, almost galactic objects that are inspired by the future while paying homage to the past. On top of honing his craft, Nico takes particular care in communicating to audiences that beadwork has no gender.

With his Fluevog Artist Grant winnings, Nico will be at work on a larger glass weaving piece that will be mechanical when interacted with. Made from over 175,000 glass woven pixels, the piece will be comprised of 360 different images joined together with glass hinges. Stay tuned for updates on Nico’s project in the months to come!

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