Criss-crossed Mary jane Heel



Criss-crossed Mary jane Heel

COLOUR: Blue/Orange

3 colours

Malibran Blue/Orange Criss-crossed Mary jane Heel: Quarter view
Malibran Wine Criss-crossed Mary jane Heel: Front
Malibran Black Criss-crossed Mary jane Heel: Front

Sorry, this style has been discontinued

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This legendary 2.5" heeled maryjane was inspired by Maria Malibran, one of the most famous opera singers of the 19th century, who was known for her extraordinary flexibility, range, and power. With soft leathers, soft rubber soles, and a leather wrapped heel, this shoe could possibly be the most functional and comfortable Fluevog ever. The Malibran will be your everyday, dress-up, dress-down, favourite pair of shoes perfect for anything and everything (which is almost impossible). Your Love Makes Me Sing.

*White Malibran available in select stores only. 

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This legendary 2.5" heeled maryjane was inspired by Maria Malibran, one of the most famous opera singers of the 19th century, who was known for her extraordinary flexibility, range, and power. With soft leathers, soft rubber soles, and a leather wrapped heel, this shoe could possibly be the most functional and comfortable Fluevog ever. The Malibran will be your everyday, dress-up, dress-down, favourite pair of shoes perfect for anything and everything (which is almost impossible). Your Love Makes Me Sing.

*White Malibran available in select stores only. 

Instagram @fluevog #vog_malibran

Check out #vog_malibran to see them in the wild!

176 Reviews

  • I’m in love with my Malibran shoes. I’m true 6W, I took the chance on ordering half a size up. To my surprised the shoes are wide enough for my wide feet!!! I’ve could’ve gotten getting size 6 since the shoes are a bit long. Its a keeper.


    June 25, 2023

  • 😍 I need these in all the colors

    I had been looking at these for a while thinking there was no way my feet would like them. Lo and behold, I tried them on and it was like they were made for me. I have wide feet and long toes too, so my feet can be fussy. I’m usually a 9.5 or 10 depending on the shoe and I felt like dancing out of the store with these in a 10. I need them in a full rainbow of colors to make my feet happy every day.


    February 27, 2023

  • Comfort guaranteed!

    I love the Operetta and Soprano family, as my fussy feet need coddling. My Stefanis and my Cavalieris are both a perfect 6.5, but these were a bit narrow across the forefoot and were rubbing. Kristen in Dallas graciously worked with me on sizing, and after a thin metatarsal pad and my arch supports, the 7 are a hair long but otherwise fit perfectly. The straps keep them nice and secure. I love the look of these heels, and the first day I wore them for 6 hours on my feet with zero discomfort. So glad I finally have my own Malibrans! Now I need more colors.

    Terra (Evansville)

    October 14, 2021

  • Just adore the Malibran

    The Malibran in wine is the shoe that they will one day bury me in - I just love them and feel like they were built just for me every time I put them on. Usually I wear a 9, although some Vog styles I need a 9.5, and these fit perfectly in 9.

    Carol (Middletown)

    February 21, 2021


    I have these shoes in both colours and everything everyone else says is true: I can walk to work in them and work on my feet all day and walk home and my feet feel good. Everyone compliments them or my outfit when I wear them. I wear them with bare feet in summer and stockings in winter.

    Susan Telfer (Gibsons)

    January 12, 2021

  • Oooh, baby!

    I bought these and another pair of fluevogs at the same time as my first purchase. I got them in the red colour. I have to disagree with the shoe expert's take on them for fit: I am a wide hoofed gal and I didn't need to get them stretched at all, so I feel they fit a bit wide since the toe box is so forgiving. The only thing about them that I had an issue with is that I found the stitching on the inside along the top scratchy to wear with bare feet. Solved easily with sockies and I was a happy girl. The heel is nice and low, so I can wear them all day at work - and I walk a LOT at work. Love these and would even consider purchasing in a second colour.

    Lyne (Ottawa)

    May 18, 2019

  • Style and Substance

    They are so cute, but what you don’t know - yet - is they are also unbelievable comfortable! Dancing check. Walking checking. Rubber soles with wide heel you’re all good. The wine colour is perfect. Great buy!


    January 26, 2018

  • Pure love!

    I bought these shoes for a black tie wedding, and have never felt more elegant. I was at the wedding from 6 pm and continued dancing at the after hours event until 4 am. I was the only women still wearing shoes, and my feet were so comfortable. That was my first even wearing them, no blisters.

    I have also walked 10 km home from the opera in them, and they still look perfect.

    I have had very painful foot issues in the past, and have been treated for neuromas and wear orthics as well, so my feet are not exactly easy to please.

    Best shoes ever!

    Martha Lee

    March 31, 2018

  • Not satisfied by customer service.

    I bought the wine colored Malibrans when they came out and were available at the time. Well, I waited for about three weeks and hadn't heard anything from the N.Y. City store. When I finally called they said they couldn't find them at all. No other store had them in my size, they were all sold out. They should have called me sooner to let me know instead of very high hopes of getting the wine colored shoe I wanted. My order was cancelled and the money returned to me, but I was really disappointed. Please bring back the wine colored Malibrans.

    Lynn (Amherst)

    October 26, 2018

  • Runs small at least one size in my opinion

    I am normally I'm 11/11.5 or 42/43 . The size 12 in these don't fit in length. Very bummed. Fix your lasts! I lived in Sweden growing up and a 41 has always been a size US 10.


    September 27, 2018

  • Please bring back the black and white Malibrans. Mine are way run out which I would like to replace plus I go so many compliments. Love them so much. Also, I notice there were Cherry and White colour Malibrans, Peach Malibrans, and White and Orange Malibrans, these colors were never available in Montreal. Why?

    Begonia (Montreal)

    June 24, 2018

  • I bought my first pair of Malibrans in 2009 and just bought my 7th color last week--the utterly fabulous navy. I also have Enthusiast in blue/pink/orange and worried they'd seem too much alike, but the Malibran navy is darker and the pink stitching really pops. I'd been dithering over a few other styles and this shoe immediately became a must-have-right-this-very-minute one, no second-guessing. My smaller Fluevog size of 7.5 is still just right.

    christa (alameda, ca)

    December 7, 2017

  • Super cute and even more comfortable. My only quibble is that I wish they came in red (not wine), because I'd get a second pair. Love!

    Nancy (Minneapolis)

    October 12, 2017

  • best sellers for sure!

    I'm so glad to see these tagged as best sellers, Operettas are my favorite! The wide toe box and straps are perfect for my long, slightly narrow at the heal but wide in the toe,

    feet. These are my go-to work shoes, they are at the shoe hospital getting new heal tabs and fresh polish and I can't wait to get them back on my feet! Everyone should have a pair or three!

    *Hoping you bring back my first vog-loves...operettas with flower stitching on the toe and a single strap - still wearing them 10 years later but in need of replacing!

    P.S. please open a store in Austin!

    Sandy (Austin, TX)

    August 18, 2017

  • total love

    My Vogs are the only shoes other than sandals I can comfortably wear without socks. So without really giving it a thought, the first time I put these on was barefoot out for a night in Vegas. They did not let me down! Hours later, my feet survived pain and blister free. I have a slightly wide foot along with fairly high instep and have found paying more for good fitting shoes to be 100% worth it; these absolutely fit the bill. Any concern about the straps cutting into the top of my foot were not an issue - the elastic on the one side works great and I don't even have them on the loosest setting for the buckle. I'm a pretty consistent size 7.5 across brands and in this shoe as well.

    Please bring back the yellow! Those are amazing...

    Vanessa (Austin, TX)

    July 3, 2017

  • Perfect!

    I ordered these online as our nearest store is 7 hours away. They fit perfectly - I'm usually a 9 and these were perfect in a 9. Purchased them for my wedding last week and my sweetheart was thrilled with the soles, as were the guests we showed. Very comfortable and made me feel beautiful. Looking forward to wearing them everywhere!

    Leeanna (Saskatoon)

    July 17, 2016


    I bought these in both the black and the purple. I've bought about 40 pairs of vogs over the last year, and I think these are my new faves, they're the cutest shoes ever, and they make my feet look so small. Thanks to Jessica at the Queen St W store for always knowing what size to ship me, I'll keep vogging my way into the future! Jessica, you ROCK!

    Sarah (king twp)

    May 25, 2016

  • A perfect match

    These are my 3rd pair of fluevogs and I am now 3 for 3. I ordered my usual 6.5 and they are perfect. Super comfortable and I love the color. As my fluevologist directed, I shall wear these with grace!

    I will not however that people with narrow feet may find them a bit wide.

    Rieanne (Fort Saskatchewan)

    January 28, 2016

  • Most Comfortable Dress Shoe Ever

    These shoes caught my eye while I was visiting the Fluevog store in Vancouver. I'd gone in to try on a different pair that ended up not fitting my feet well. I slipped these on and knew I 'd found the right shoes immediately. So comfortable, and I get complimented on them wherever I go.

    Wendy Rawlings (Alabama, USA)

    September 14, 2015

  • Love them but bought too big

    I adored these and bought them on layaway but we had talked about different sizes and I thought I had gotten the 8 but ended up with an 8.5 I have tried to wear them with pads inside but they are just too big! Anyone want to trade for an 8??

    Emily Flinchum (California)

    July 6, 2015

  • Please make more! But make them slightly different!

    These are my all-time favorite shoes. Am I going away for a weekend and am only bringing a carry-on? I wear these since I know I can wear them all day without my feet killing me at the end. I can sprint to the bus. They're adorable and comfortable and I talk them up every chance I get. I have them in wine and consider them to be a neutral that I can wear with much of my wardrobe.

    Please please please make more... but make them slightly different so that I don't end up with identical shoes in different colors. Things I love: the soft leather, the rubber sole, the heel and the toe box. Thanks so much!


    July 2, 2015

  • So Cute!

    I purchased the Malibran in turquoise and I am in love. They are very comfortable and the colour is gorgeous. As other commenters have noted, the colour is more of a jade green in person than turquoise blue. That was fine by me as I was looking for a turquoise shade with green rather than blue undertones. Because I have long toes I ordered a 6.5 rather than my regular shoe size (6).


    January 25, 2015

  • Snap

    I read the reviews carefully. In regular shoes, I am an 11 and in Fluevogs have bought many many pairs ranging in size from 10.5 - 11.5. Because I have longer toes (eeek!) and based on reviews, I elected to get a size 12. Was worried they would be too big, but they are PERFECTION! They are hands down my favourite pair of shoes and whenever I am complemented on them I size up my possible kindred spirit and their stock goes up. Yay to interesting shoes! Hell ya!

    Gillian (Winnipeg)

    July 17, 2014

  • I snatched up a pair in the turquoise as soon as they went on sale. Color wise, these are more green than blue. I would say they are more of a Jade Green. (Just a FYI in case you are like me and have already started planning outfits around them before they arrive, lol.) I already own these in the wine color and they are one of my most worn pairs of shoes. As far as size goes I bought a size 7 which was perfect. I am a 6 1/2-7 in the mini shoes (size 8 in the boots) and have very, very wide feet. These fit like they were custom made for me. They were comfortable enough to walk miles in right out of the box with no break in needed. You really can't go wrong with these shoes.

    Leigh Ann (Los Angeles)

    July 3, 2014

  • an elevating experience

    What marvels hid in the famed blue box: Turquoise Operata Malibran in tissue paper sealed by a red heart, candies, shoelaces and even a large,blue pencil! The shoes fit like a dream. I am happy. Thank you Fluevog.

    france (prince rupert)

    May 30, 2014

  • Gorgeous but the patent doesn't wear well

    I have the black patent leather iteration of this gorgeous shoe. When the pair first arrived, they were lovely--from the rich brown of the leather heel to the elegantly shaped upper with its glossy decorative seams. The finish was interesting. The leather sole was sooo comfortable. Wearing them brought me joy. Together, we pranced through life. Alas, after about seven months of wear a couple times a week, despite my caring for them regularly with appropriate products, the patent finish began to flake off. My once gorgeous shoes are frumpy and peeling. They sit, sad and lonely, at the back of my closet, dreaming of better days. They wore out like Payless shoes, not like vogs.

    Becca (Mobile, AL)

    March 11, 2014

  • Perfect!

    Just finished up my first day in my new Malibrans, and I can't say enough how much I love them! I bought the turquoise color, which honestly goes with everything and really pops. Not only did I get a ton of compliments, but my feet still feel great! I'm a teacher and do a lot of walking around the school, and I had no problems in these shoes. Most of my 'Vog collection consists of Minis, but these really take the cake for comfort. I find them to be very true to size, as well. Thanks, John!

    Suzi (Burlington, VT)

    January 24, 2014

  • Bought another one!

    Addicted to the operettas for life!! This lilac ones are so pretty. Got them in every colour and loving each one. My favs are the Wine coloured ones. True to size & unique.

    Chris (Calgary)

    October 4, 2013

  • Picked up a pair of these lovelies awhile back to wear on upcoming job interviews and they've been my faithful companions ever since. Adorable and comfortable even while following an interviewer over hill and dale on many a campus tour these are definitely my most-worn vogs!


    October 4, 2013

  • Another Operetta classic, but a little weird in fit

    I already had several other Operetta styles, so I knew what I was getting with this family in general, and went for these in the red to celebrate Fluevog Day. The color is absolutely perfect, a luscious glossy cherry, and this family remains the most comfortable style of heels I've ever tried. But these fit super narrow and tight across the top of the foot; my first wearing left welts from the criss-cross straps. This family fits large on me even in my true size in all other ways, so this across-the-top tightness is strange. I imagine they'll loosen up a bit with wear, and they're too gorgeous to give up. Just be aware of that odd quirk of fit for this particular style.


    September 26, 2013

  • PERFECT Heels!

    Needed black heels for work... Fluevog's to my rescue! The gentle rubber sole on these is so nice after a long day on my feet and I don't have to sacrifice fashion for function. l looked At the Gracias at the same time, but the better half said he liked these on me best:) The Gracias maybe just slightly more comfortable, but these are much more "Me". Looking forward to picking up a few more in other colors! my average Vogs are a 10.5 and these Were no exception. Shorter in the toe than some. Very enjoyable shoe to wear- partiers, the office, shopping, jeans... Perfect!

    Thanks again, Minneapolis, for always putting up with us! Jamie, Sheri, Samuel, and Brie are basically my shoe heroes!

    Melissa Bischoping (Minot AFB, ND)

    August 1, 2013

  • Best, Most Beautiful Shoes Ever <3

    The Malibran feels like it was made for my wide little foot with short toes. Not the easiest foot to shoe, these little beauties fit me like a glove! True to size! I have the red (the perfect, most gorgeous, rich, shiny red imaginable), and I could wear them with everything. They kind of steal the show, no matter what clothing I wear. I didn't think the straps would look great with my sturdy (not skinny) ankles, but that's a non-issue. They're surprisingly flattering.

    Two things that speak volumes:

    1. I am über uncomfortable in heels - these are SO COMFY!! (and sexy!! yay, sexy comfy shoes!!!) I can stand/walk in them for hours, no problem.

    2. I am super frugal, and the price tag initially freaked me out. However, they fit so perfectly and are so well-made, I have zero regrets about laying down this much cash for them.

    So thanks, Fluevog, for making the perfect, beautiful shoe. I wantses more...

    Erin (Los Angeles)

    July 11, 2013

  • Happy feet!

    My feet is always happy in the Operettas, they are the perfect shoes - they are the reason I'm addicted to FLuevogs... I got these in Wine. The colour just 'pops' and it's great with my little black dress! True to size and fits right out from the box. Please make them in more colours!!

    Chris (Calgary)

    July 7, 2013

  • I have wanted these shoes since 2008

    When I got married in 2007, I wanted to be married in a pair of Fluevogs. At the time you still had your wedding line, and I chose the Mini Lily Darlings, well, even after much practice walking in them at home, I managed to walk down the isle in them and pose for pictures, that's it. I've never been a heels girl! When these shoes came out shortly after my wedding, I had wished I had these instead! They would have worked perfectly with the deep red in my colour scheme! Only now I'm SUPER grateful that I didn't have them then ... the marriage lasted 21 months and I sold off the other shoes!! I purchased these for myself as my 14th year anniversary as a graphic designer and they are FABULOUS! I've been wearing them practically every day. I can walk in them, and they are so unbelievably cute. I ordered the red, of course. I would love it if you brought back the olive green, that would be perfect ... my two favourite colours!


    May 17, 2013

  • pretty .... comfortable

    Have 2 sets of these and love them in a 1/2 size up (recommended). An all-day-long-at-work set of heels max in comfort and cuteness!

    Heather (Edmonton, Alberta)

    May 14, 2013

  • Stunning Shoes

    These shoes are so perfect that I've decided to wear them as my wedding shoes. They are stunning. I wear size 8 US, so I went with a Fluevog 9. They fit beautifully, are unbelievable comfortable, and go with everything! If you can, buy them. You won't regret it.

    Dana (Michigan)

    April 17, 2013

  • Salvaged and shiny new too!

    Thanks to Brit and John for great service. I was looking for a replacement for my Sandra mary jane chewed up by my husky. They offered replacement heels my local boot maker was able to fix. He even commented on the quality of the shoes. Almost good as new. I rewarded my frugality with a new pair of black Malibran. I am usually a size 8 and these are just roomy. They accommodate my wide forefoot post 2 pregnancies and bilateral bunion surgeries. I ordered by phone Monday, John sent them out quick, they were on my feet 2 days later. Amazing. My colleague nearly fell over ogling them. Thanks for a fabulous product and personal service.

    Torres' mom (Eastern Sierra)

    April 4, 2013

  • Lovely Lavender!

    Love my green ones and was so excited to see the Lilac for Spring! These really are a beautiful soft pastel shade! It delights me to see how Fluevogs shake up my wardrobe! :-)

    Winki (Idaho)

    February 19, 2013

  • My story of being sent the wrong colour.

    So, after eyeing these for a looong time, I eventually had enough money to buy them. I was extremely nervous, since I couldn't try them on before purchasing. (Please start a Fluevog store in Sweden?)

    They arrived, everything looked good, except.... they sent me the wrong colour?!!

    I contacted the store that sent them to me, and after two months (god damn the snow here in Sweden) I got my deliciously wine red shoes, and I LOVE them. I actually got complimented on them by a stranger, and that's kinda awesome since it takes a LOT for people in my country to randomly talk to strangers.

    Might just not buy from Fluevog a second time, not before I get to an IRL store, because I feel like there's too much money at stake...

    Sara (Sweden)

    January 30, 2013

  • Mahvelous!

    Gotta say up front: I absolutely love the ladies at the uptown store. Janice, Sheri, Bree and Jamie are the BEST! Fabulous taste, fabulous at matching shoe to personality.

    When I first walked into the store in December, Janeine actually pulled out the wine Malibrans for me to try. Alas, I lost my heart to the low heel and library sass of the burgundy Promise. :) However, the ruby red Malibrans haunted me. I finally went back, tried the Elif and Kitchy Kitchy Boom Boom in teal (!!) tonight, but the Malibrans came home with me today!

    Bonus: I was wearing rust colored tights. Holy mackerel, the contrasting lace bits matched my tights! John, I don't know how you do it... But keep on working your magic! @>-

    Kirsten (Minneapolis)

    January 21, 2013

  • Absolutely adore!

    These were my first pair of non-black Fluevogs as well as my first from the Operetta family years ago. The heel and sole needs repair as does the buckle, but I still rock them as they are so comfortable and never fail to get compliments. With each pair of Fluevogs I fall more and more in love and it's so awesome how there's an instant bonding with fellow 'Vogers!

    Thanks to a husband who truly gets his woman, I even wore a 40th Anniversary re-issue of the Hi-Choice Vanny in black and white (with the very fitting quote on the sole, "To Love or to hate, the Choice is yours - Choose Love!"). The only challenge is trying to decide my next Fluevog pairs of happiness! Thank you John and the wicked team you have. You never fail to help and inspire!

    If you're contemplating buying your first pair of Fluevogs - stop hemming and hawing and just get a pair!!

    Melissa (Okanagan Valley, BC)

    November 20, 2012

  • I went to the LA Fluevog store today on a mission to buy a pair red Together Hi Benatars but ended up buying a pair of the Malibrans in the wine color instead. The wine color on these is way more red then the picture looks on the website which I liked since I was hoping for a true red colored shoe. As far as size goes I am a 6 1/2-7 in the mini shoes (size 8 in the boots) and have very, very wide feet. The Mini family are what I usually go far since they are so perfect for a wider foot but these fit well though a bit narrower then the minis. So far I have walked two miles in them to break them in and they do pinch a bit at the pinky toes but I am sure they will stretch beautifully as do all my Fluevogs after a week or so.

    Leigh Ann (Los Angeles)

    October 7, 2012

  • What's shoes?

    I cannot tell you how much I love these shoes. I have a closet full of beautiful footwear and it is a struggle to not put these on everyday. I generally wear a 9, a 9-1/2 would have been fine but I have high arches and needed a 10 for the stationary strap. They look amazing dressed up and adorable with jeans. They are so comfortable that at the end of the day you don't even notice your feet. Except of course that they look soooo good in those bright red shoes.

    Brenda (Airdrie, AB)

    September 15, 2012

  • This is my second review-Vog for these shoes; that's how much I love them. After more than 3 years, my turquoise Malibrans are still going strong, perfectly suited for my flipper-like duck feet. I wear a 9 in most shoes (including the Calamities and the Prodigies), but managed to get my tootsies into an 8 with these little darlings. Fluevog - please please PUH-LEEEESE bring these back in more colours!!!

    Cat (Vancouver)

    September 9, 2012

  • Bring back the orange Malibrans!

    I have these in peach, and now I am sorely regretting not picking them up in orange when I had a chance.

    Great shoes, I wear them all the time.


    August 22, 2012

  • I lurve them!

    I totally recommend buying the Malibrans. They fit perfectly! I already bought the Pearl Hearts whilst in Vancouver, so I had something to go from. Also, I emailed the v. helpful staff at the Gastown store for assistance with the sizing. I got a 9 - the fit like a glove.

    I am a 8.5-9 Aussie sizes.

    The wine colour is so rad. I wear them for work, and as I'm always on my feet they are comfy as. Kinda tempted to purchase in black, too!

    Mia (Australia)

    April 24, 2012

  • Shoes for Life

    ...I walk hours through the streets of Europe in my wine colored Malibran, they are so comfortable...

    ...I dance through spring with my yellow colored Malibran, they are so light and steady...

    ...I got married in my peach colored Malibran, the perfect shoes for the perfect day...

    3rifily (Athens)

    March 28, 2012

  • WOW!

    I have problem feet - bunions, lots of broken toes and to top it off - they're narrow. We don't have a Fluevog store anywhere around here - but I have lusted after the Malibran for around 2 yrs. I finally purchased them in a size 9. WAY too small. Had to send them back and got a 10. PERFECT. These are going to be my fav shoes - I've only had them one day and already had TONS of compliments. I love them!!! :-{

    Jennifer Thomas (Central IL)

    March 27, 2012

  • Hooked

    When I put my new Vogs in my closet, I think I heard a collective gasp from my non-Vogs. They are terrified and have reason to be. Highly fashionable AND incredibly comfortable. I have no reason to buy any shoes, other than Vogs, ever.

    Adriane (Bloomington, IL)

    March 8, 2012

  • Saving space w/ Malibrans

    As of today I'm donating/giving away 40 pairs of heels- Except for my MALIBRAN Fluevogs.

    This is thee perfect shoe! I put them on immediately after purchasing at the Haight St. store and spent the next 6 hours traipsing around San Francisco in pain free style...

    They look hot with jeans or girly-girl dresses and fishnets... My New Year's resolution for 2012? Build up a stable of Malibrans- in every color. @>- (FYI,had to go up 1/2 size).

    Yvonne (Mill Valley, California, USA)

    January 7, 2012

  • Ordered these shoes, in Wine, online last Thursday. They arrived the following Wednesday, to my great delight! They are so beautiful! And absolutely comfortable. I wore these to work the next day, and wore them for 8 hours straight without a problem. They were the talk of my office! I got so many compliments on them, and people kept stopping me to look at them. Best shoes ever!

    Emily (Ontario)

    December 2, 2011

  • I was initially a little disappointed when these arrived... I was expecting the red shoes to be shiny like in the picture, but they are not shiny at all. However, I do really like them anyway, and they are very comfortable. I am a size 38 EU and got a size 7.5, which are about right.

    Katy (Switzerland)

    November 21, 2011

  • I love these shoes. They are unbelievably comfortable. The first day I wore them was a day my co-worker asked me to walk around our neighborhood for an hour-and-a-half asking for sponsors for our fundraiser. I was wary, but these shoes did not bother me at all at the end of the day. The toe box is wide, and the sole is like a cushion.

    Catherine (Philadelphia, PA)

    November 5, 2011

  • I have worn these shoes more than any other pair in my closet. And I have quite a few pairs of Fluevog's! Love them!

    Catherine Hills (United States)

    November 3, 2011

  • Please repeat some of the colors!

    I love the operetta heel so much that I find it harder to walk in flats now! I can literally be in my Malibrans or Ileanas for 14 hours without my feet tiring. Please please Mr Fluevog, bring out the Malibran and the Fiorenza and the Ileana ... in all the old colours and some new! I have gaps to fill in my colezione!

    xxxxxxx wuv oo vogs! all vogs!

    : )

    Julia (Melbourne)

    August 31, 2011

  • A word of warning...

    FYI: as I do with all my shoes and bags, I treated these with a rain and stain protector, specifically designed for leather. I've used this product many times without an issue, but when I used it on the peach Malibrans, the color turned more to a darker, golden beige. It's beautiful, but the whole idea was to get the peach since it pretty much blends into my skin tone. The price was further cut, so I just bought another pair, but PLEASE TEST before you treat these shoes, at least in the peach color.

    Kelly G (Seattle, WA)

    August 27, 2011

  • I agree

    These are my first pair of Fluevog's. I completely agree with Stacie from BC. They are perfect for my short legs! I'm a cardiologist and run run run all day long and my feet and legs have never hurt in these shoes. I constantly search the site for my next pair and wonder how long before I have a closet full. And what a fun bunch of dudes these Fluevoggers are! Thanks John!! Your shoes are truly amazing.

    Royce (Oklahoma City)

    August 26, 2011

  • Malibrans at Last!!!

    I have been coveting these babies for a loooong time, on the website, and at the Granville store when we make our way over to Vancouver. I literally gasped when I saw that these in peach were reduced, I wasted no time in ordering them off the website. Finally recieved them today and they have been on my feet since I took the paper off! I did not know that a high heel could be this comfy......Lots of room for my toes and my short legs look oh so long:-D I take 7.5 in the Pearl Harts and the Angels, and 7.5 in these are the perfect fit. I can't wait to wear them out and about! I am already planning my next purchase.....either more Malibrans or the Perpare Guides :) Thanks to Preet from the Granville St. store for the fabulous packaging! Please keep making beautiful and unique shoes John Fluevog!!!

    Stacey (Nanaimo, BC)

    August 5, 2011

  • Nice

    I wasn't sure about the colour "peach", but they are perfect. More tan - like the skin, so your legs looks really long ,-)

    And they are so nice to wear. My usual 9 in Fluevog was perfect.

    Tove (Oslo)

    July 19, 2011

  • For those of you whose toes slide down..

    One more thing: helpful hint if you cannot wear your shoes because your feet slide forward. I have found a solution! "Tip Toes," by Foot Petals, make a ball-of-foot cushion that keeps your feet from sliding forward. I found them on amazon. They are not the cheapest, but I have tried several types of these from the drugstore and they were all a waste of money. These WORK! I hope this helps you wear your beautiful shoes in comfort!

    Kelly G (Seattle, WA)

    July 12, 2011

  • More Operettas in my closet!

    I have several pairs of the Operetta style in my closet, and wear them all frequently. It is unusual for such a beautifully-heeled shoe to be so comfortable and versatile! I've been eyeballing the peach for months; it's pretty close to my skin tone, so it works beautifully as a neutral. I am so lucky it was a color that went on sale! I have 9M feet, no special issues, and the 9 1/2s fit perfectly. Thank you as always to Leah at the downtown store for making shoe shopping even more fun, and the nice folks in Portland who sent this pair my way! Fluevog on!

    Kelly G (Seattle, WA)

    July 12, 2011

  • love affaire

    i have these in red, yellow and peach... they are my summer shoes and my winter shoes, my wedding shoes and my casuals....

    everytime i look around the site i end up with a pair of them...

    erifily (greece)

    July 9, 2011

  • Lovin' the grey

    I bought a pair of these babies in grey, which is a little misleading as they are more "mushroom" coloured than a true grey. Either way it's a great neutral shade which seems to fit with everything.

    I'm normally a 10 medium width but I took a 10-1/2 in this and added one of their half soles.

    Very comfortable, very stylish. I will definitely be adding a different shade of this to my wardrobe!

    Lizzie (Toronto)

    June 14, 2011


    ,-) Today i went to Fluevog store. To get my summer shoes.

    And like always is real pleasure to visit. I been helped by the wonderful Paul,he's lovely and he have passion. And i purchased two pairs,and one of them is this one. I loooooooooooooove so much,and as soon i tried on i felt the comfort.

    Thanks so much for making so lovely shoes.

    Montserrat (New York)

    May 30, 2011

  • 3rd Pair

    I just bought my 3rd pair of Malibrans yesterday at the wonderful Haight store, where the service is always sublime! I love my black and yellow pairs and knew I'd regret it if I didn't get them in the gorgeous cherry red. I must say, if you are only able to buy one pair of Fluevogs, this style is an excellent choice, so very versatile and comfortable.

    christa (alameda, ca)

    May 4, 2011

  • Love them!

    I made a trip to Vancouver in May 2010 that included a visit to the Fluevog store in Gastown. I had seen these shoes in Calgary but only in black and never in my size. I love the rich red colour, confort, and style of the shoes. They are feminine yet fun at the same time. There hasn't been a time yet when I don't get positive comments about them. Love them!

    blanquita@shaw.ca (Calgary, Alberta)

    April 23, 2011

  • Still going strong 3 years later!

    I just thought I should pipe in that I bought these beauties almost exactly 3 years ago, and they are still going strong and look as good as new! I have danced in them, celebrated marriages in them, traipsed around downtown in them, worn them to work all day (to rave reviews), sprinted to catch the bus, worn them in the rain- you name it, they've been through it. I am not normally a heel girl either, but every time I put these on I think "Why can't all heels be this cushy and make my feet this happy?". Love them. Hope you love yours.

    Pennyfarthing (Vancouver)

    April 20, 2011

  • At last I have my Malibrans

    Fit: I normally take an Euro 35, sometimes a 36, and because of the reviews on this website that tend to recommend going up a size or a half size with Fluevogs, I asked for sixes in the store. I'm glad I went in person instead of ordering online, because the five turned out to be the perfect fit for me. Style: It's sweet and retro and still edgy, and very wearable. I tried on a couple other Operetta styles, and didn't really love the very wide, square toe box they had, but these have a sort of slight wedge at the toe that makes it just right. Comfort: well, sneakers they aren't, but certainly they are the closest thing to that in the form of a nice shoe. Wide toe that doesn't scrunch + cushy footbed + not too high, stable chunky heel= heaven. I took them for a spin first to go to the theater, after spending several days destroying my feet by walking all over Manhattan in uncomfortable shoes, and I regretted not wearing them before - I could have avoided a lot of torment! Nolita store service: terrific! Paul was great and very helpful, did a little adjustment needed on the straps, and gave me a couple extra heel replacements to take with me since I told him I live in Spain.

    The bad news? I stepped on a filthy puddle and couldn't dry right away, and now one shoe is a little darker than the other! :-( I could cry for my peach beauties - please tell me there's a way to fix this!

    Maria (Spain)

    April 11, 2011

  • Soles came unstuck after 5 wears

    I bought the red Malibran recently and finally got to wear them a couple of times due to Seattle rainy weather. My first day wearing them to work, the sole came unstuck! I had to go around with them flapping about for the rest of the day like a complete idiot. I brought them back to the Seattle store where I purchased them to be told that they would repair them. After paying so much I expect these to be replaced or refunded as the same thing is likely to happen, plus likely to happen to the other shoe. I called customer service and she told me she wouldnt budge on the policy which is to repair first. oh and that the cobbler is away so it would take a while. So much for having them for my trip to europe next week. I am most disappointed and annoyed with this level of service. I purchased 2 pairs of shoes that day costing just under $600, and this is the level of service?? Not impressed and will definitely not be buying any more and will stop recommending these to my friends. If I pay this amount I expect they do not fall apart after wearing for a couple of times and if they do I expect much better service. Shame.

    Magsur (Seattle)

    March 31, 2011

  • oooo-la-la!

    These shoes, in RED, are my go-to for style and comfort. I have inspired shoe envy and lust in my workplace (I wear them at least twice a week) - only five more deadly sins to go!

    People will comment on the shoes no matter where I am. I even had a burly iron worker avow his love for them. I bet the gal in his life is gonna get some new shoes!!

    Elisabethe (Tacoma, WA)

    March 28, 2011

  • Wedding Shoes

    These were my wedding shoes! (in teal) I'd tirelessly searched for the perfect shoes for my wedding day, and I am not a stiletto's kinda girl and when I saw these I fell immediately in love, the ordering process was a dream and I got tons of compliments and comments about my "cool shoes"

    My photographers got several gorgeous shots of them and one of my husband and I standing side by side showing our shoes and his (very cool) socks hangs on our bedroom wall.

    And, they told me my shoes were their favorite shoes they've seen so far.

    The only break in they required was stretching along the top straps, I have a high arch and at first they cut into it, I solved that by stuffing paper under the straps so they would stretch while being stored and I passed the buckled strap UNDER the stretchy one.

    Worked like a charm!

    LOVE :-)

    Tanya (Washington D.C.)

    March 28, 2011

  • Love at First Sight

    I had been coveting these from afar for quite some time. Occasionally I would wander by a Fluevog window display and gaze longingly at the turquoise ones. Finally, I took the plunge and went for it, and I can't believe now that I waited so long. These are hands-down my favorite pair of shoes. EVER. They are park wandering shoes. Date at the Amusement Park shoes. Doing your taxes shoes. Sleeping in them because you don't want to ever take them off shoes. Lucky shoes.

    I got them in black. I missed the turquoise, but will continue the hunt for those on Ebay. I have a super high arch, and find heels often bother me when I walk for long periods of time. Not these - they are magic. Unlike some of my other Fluevogs, they fit pretty true to size - I'm an 8.5 and these fit like a glove. I have average width feet, but the toe box is super roomy and allows for space to breathe. I have a feeling that several more pairs of these will come into my life before long! So worth the investment!

    Chrissy (Vancouver)

    March 25, 2011

  • I have these in red and black and I LOVE them. Just wish I had bought them in teal when it was still available. They are super comfortable, look cute and invite comments every time I wear them.

    Joanna (Vancouver)

    March 25, 2011

  • I Feel Pretty!

    I've had these (in Peach) sitting on top of my dresser for nearly two weeks, trying to decide whether to keep them or send them back. They are not QUITE as comfy as my Wearevers, and I couldn't figure out what to wear them with, because even though shapewise they go with everything... well, they're PEACH. Who wears peach shoes? ...Well, I guess now *I* wear peach shoes!

    I am wearing them today and I look awesome and my feet feel great. This scorned woman is ready to kick some serious not-good-enough-for-me-anyway ass. What a pick-me-up in the middle of a kind of crappy week!

    Edith (Indiana)

    March 24, 2011

  • Lovely Heels

    I picked up two pairs of these at Gravity Pope in Calgary. I have them in Grey and Wine and you can wear them all day with no issues at all. They are super versatile, you can wear them with pants, skirts, jeans... whatever you like.

    J. Gardner (Calgary, AB)

    March 18, 2011

  • Thanks SF Haight staff!!

    I received my shoes yesterday and wore them to work today. I can't beleive I'm wearing heels and I am walking. Thank you to the staff of the Haight SF store for all your help. The size is just right, and though I wasn't sure-- the style is just right too! Loads of compliments. :-D

    Eileen Milton

    March 17, 2011

  • Beautiful, beautiful shoes. I am definitely not a fan of heels, but I can walk in these shoes for miles. Sooo comfortable for my wide feet. I have the wine pair and they are very versatile. I bought them in my regular size 7 and find them a little loose, but they are perfect with tights and socks. I'm officially a 'Vog addict.


    March 13, 2011

  • i got this pair in red, while in boston... since i've walked all over europe in these beauties, the most confortable shoes I own...

    people stop me to ask about them...

    soon after i became a proud owner of a yellow pair (for the summer look) and i just got a peach pair which will become my wedding shoes next month...

    cant get enough.....


    March 13, 2011

  • i got this pair in red, while in boston... since i've walked all over europe in these beauties, the most confortable shoes I own...

    people stop me to ask about them...

    soon after i became a proud owner of a yellow pair (for the summer look) and i just got a peach pair which will become my wedding shoes next month...

    cant get enough.....


    March 13, 2011

  • wow factor

    I've never had an expensive pair of shoe but these are worth all the money. Super comfy and I can walk all day with these on and never have a cramp. I never wear high heels these are just the right hight. Go half a size up.

    Sonia Poirier (Ottawa)

    February 26, 2011

  • Singing the praises of Malibran

    I went to Solea, an Ottawa store that sells some Fluevogs, and found these in a colour called Salonica - a matte wine - absolutely gorgeous. I love their retro/1940s look and stable heel, and they make my feet and legs look really pretty. I went 1/2 size up, from an 81/2 to a 9, because I have a high arch and the elastic strap was really tight on the smaller shoe. :-)

    Marie (Gatineau)

    February 26, 2011

  • I felt like Cinderella!

    I felt like Cinderella when I went to the Fluvog store in New York City...sadly the closest store to me! Anton Jungherr was very sweet and patient while I tried on shoes and joygasmed at all the beautiful Fluvogs! Sadly, I could not walk out with these shoes, but I will definitely be saving my pennies for them! And I love the fact that your employees have to wear Fluvogs while they work--it's just more proof that they know what they're talking about, and that these shoes are worth it!

    Tory (Virginia)

    February 23, 2011

  • best shoes EVER

    I Have been in the angel sole derby for years, but had never branched out.

    Then I met a little red mailbran and it was love.

    I have high arches and a wider toe box. Not easy to fit in high fashion heels. These shoes fit a perfect size 10 for me.

    I put them and walked...really walked around Victoria for hours and have never had a foot, toe, blister issue. The heel height is very comfortable and they go with everything.

    I would have bought the teal as well, but alas I was too late.

    I need more.

    kimmee Sweetgrass (Victoria , BC Canada)

    February 11, 2011

  • Most comfortable shoes ever...

    I love this family of shoes...it feels like you are walking around on clouds all day and this particular one also makes your feet look tiny. Love, love, love them!

    Missy (SF)

    February 8, 2011

  • Going back for more

    I have these in black, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them.

    I wear them with slacks, I wear them with jeans I wear them with skirts - they truly are super versatile.

    I am going to go buy the red pair and click my heels together and chant 'there's no place like home'

    Because I can. ,-)

    Natal (Saskatoon)

    February 2, 2011

  • Sexy mary janes

    I guess I'm just adding to all the love on the reviews for these shoes. I have them in black, and they are the sexiest and most comfortable mary janes I have ever had the pleasure to wear. They have that extra little edginess that gives me a boost of confidence whenever I need to mingle professionally. I might get them in another color one of these days.

    Gladys (southern California)

    January 26, 2011

  • LOVE these shoes

    Very comfortable. Would have sized up half a size to do over again.

    Strap was tight at first, but is loosening up. You can walk all day in these and your feet will not hurt. Very attractive.

    I purchased in the blood orange. Very happy. :-)

    Alexandra (san francisco)

    January 20, 2011

  • Amazingly Awesome Shoes!

    I received a pair of these beauties in "Wine" for my birthday. I normally wear a size 5 1/2 or 6 depending on the shoe and the 5 1/2 in this style fit like it was made for my foot! I don't really wear heels because my feet usually start hurting after a few hours, but I literally wore these all night with no problems. I even wear them around the house; they are so unbelievably comfy! Also, I love that the color is darker so it is really versatile with all different colors and patterns of clothing. These are my first pair of new Vogs and I am forever in love!!! Thanks John for being awesome!!! ?:-)

    michelle tovar (Azusa, California)

    January 5, 2011

  • Bewitching!

    The unveiling of my new wine malibrans was at New Years. Wore them with black and white striped knee socks. Not only could I dance in these all night (I haven't worn heels in over 6 years), I got tons of compliments! Lots of references to the Wizard of Oz (ruby slippers, wicked witch of the west's striped socks). They made my night! Felt invincible, supernatural, ecstatic! And so comfy that I can beckon those feelings back often. These shoes definitely have magical powers. And I love magic.

    Landers (Bozeman, MT)

    January 1, 2011

  • Rebound

    Is it possible for a pair of shoes to be the rebound replacement for a 6 year relationship? Maybe. :-} I find myself spying at these shoes across my bedroom every moment since they arrived, I imagine them with every amazingly sexy or inventive outfit I can create from my closet, how they'll turn heads, what I'll be feeling (something similar to invincibly sexy), and I also find myself wearing them doing the most mundane task, like folding laundry. When you feel like a rockstar folding laundry wearing such hot heels, you know you've struck gold. Just sayin. Maybe it's the rebound, but I feel really good about this one....

    Landers (Bozeman, MT)

    December 19, 2010

  • Best. Shoes. Ever.

    These are, seriously, the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned. I have never been able to wear heels (hip and knee problems, etc.) but these shoes feel so stable (and are so beautiful) that I can wear them all day. They are worth every cent.

    Jamesinica (Toronto, Ontario)

    November 28, 2010

  • Men love these adorable shoes

    I've had these (in the wine colour) for about a year, and nearly every time I wear them, a guy will come up and say, "great shoes!". They must be just the right combination of sweet and sexy. And since they are also super-comfortable and go with everything, I think the Malibran is just about the perfect shoe.

    Elisabeth (vancouver)

    November 17, 2010

  • I bought this pair in wine about six weeks ago (my first Fluevogs). I'm so glad I did! I'm smitten. They are so comfy and easy to walk in (take it from me, I have a hard time wearing heels without making a fool out of myself). This pair does the trick. I can walk around (or rather, strut!) confidently and comfortably. I want another pair!

    Anne (Toronto)

    October 30, 2010

  • Super cute

    I have always had a hard time finding shoes that fit my large, troublesomely shaped feet. I waited at least a year and a half between first discovering this website and managing to get to a store to try some shoes on. I don't think I've ever had a better shopping experience, certainly not one involving shoes. After a little disappointment when the boots I'd come in to look at didn't fit over my high instep, Shawn brought me out what seemed like half the store to try on, explaining the pros and cons of all the styles. I finally ended up prancing around in a pair of these in red, though I ultimately bought the black ones, since I thought I'd get more use out of them. One of the friends I was shopping with has a standing bet out that I'll soon own the red ones too though.

    The leather is nicely sturdy, though that means they're taking a little longer to break in properly than the other pair I bought, but the only thing I would really even consider changing is that I sort of wish that both straps buckled. I was able to add a hole to the top strap to make it fit over my very high instep, but the lower one still ends up digging a bit. I'm confident that it will stretch soon enough. I've gotten about a million compliments on them already, and I haven't even worn them out and about yet. The heel is so perfect, it barely feels like I'm wearing heels at all. All in all, a great shoe

    Jessica (Las Vegas)

    October 19, 2010

  • Best shoes ever!

    After lusting after Malibrans for over a year I finally got a pair in red! I think these are possibly the best shoes in the world - cute with everything from jeans to dresses and so comfortable. Even my teenage daughter likes them - a mom and teen liking that same shoe? That says something! These were true to my size. Now I will be lusting after getting a 2nd pair in another color, and then probably a 3rd. Thank you John Fluevog!

    Emily (Illinois)

    October 18, 2010

  • LOVE THEM!!!

    Bought the orange ones, the Montreal guys were so helpful even after trying on I swear 8 different pairs.. I have recieved so many comments on the shoes, the colour makes my co-workers smile...can't wait to get my third pair of Fluevogs...

    Jennifer (Ottawa)

    September 10, 2010

  • Finally!!!!

    I bought these uber comfy shoes in red and love them. They are my first Fluevogs and I've even bought a second pair (of a different style). I can wear these all day and have some great comments. Now on to boots.....

    Brenda Crump (Vancouver BC)

    September 1, 2010

  • AT LAST!!!!!!!

    I am a 45 year old shoe-aholic. Yes, yes, we all know Carrie Bradshaw.. well, she exists... that would be me. I have shopped for shoes in Beirut, Paris, London, Milan, Rome, TO, Montreal, Vancouver, and God knows where else.I have forgone eating.. for shoes.. I have now found my match. My duck feet quack to their new "swan-maker" of shoes. FLUEVOG. I can honestly say that I have cleared out my entire shoe collection and will now have only ONLY FLUEVOGS enter my closet . Manilo Blahnik.. who the hell is that?????? @>-

    Susan Toye (Canada)

    August 24, 2010

  • I wanted the Malibran Operette in a size 7, but Fluevog was out, so I emailed them asking to put me on a waiting list.. They replied saying they aren't likely to get more in, but referred me to an online shoe company who had *one* last pair in my size! THRILLING, and so nice of them to do this for me!!! :-D I'm waring them now :)


    August 13, 2010

  • Can't get enough Fluevog

    My sister recommended these beauties for my wedding day. They are incredibly comfortable - I danced all night in them and had zero blisters - and look amazing. I love them as much as my new husband. Yes, serious, I love these shoes that much. I have an olive green version, which seems to no longer be listed here. I would buy another pair if it weren't for all the other styles I now drool over daily. ,->

    Amo (British Columbia)

    August 9, 2010

  • i (heart) fluevogs!

    i have been a fan since i found my first pair of supervogs back in 1997. slowly and surely, i have built my collection up to 5 pairs, and i don't have any plans to stop! last year for my birthday, i convinced my sweetie that i NEEDED a pair of turquoise bass minstrels, and this year it was the malibrans in turquoise! these heels are amazing. i already have a pair of fluevog heels (mini q-tees), so i knew they'd be comfortable, but i was unprepared for just how much! i wore them to my first craft fair (as a vendor), and at the end of the long first day, i was amazed that i didn't feel the need to get them off of my feet! naturally, i wore them to the second day of the fair and have been finding excuses to go out and wear them every day since! ,-) i am in love!!

    jenny (minneapolis, mn)

    July 20, 2010

  • awesome lovliness

    i love, love, love them! they fit pretty tts, i think. i normally wear 9.5 or 10 and have wide feet, so i went for the 10. they really are comfortable, and even stable!

    that said, i got a little heel blisters the first time out... but that pretty much always happens, so i don't blame the shoes.

    jepea (nc)

    July 19, 2010

  • awesome shoes!

    my first pair of vogs! i purchased these in grey, my normal size 6.5 from the montreal store (the staff were dreamy, in all ways!). they are SO comfortable, i literally run in them at work & have gotten so many compliments. these are my "go-to" shoes now! ,-)

    Naomi (Winnipeg)

    July 17, 2010

  • Heels I don't want to take off

    I just got a pair and wore them for the first time -barefoot- no less. I was able to go all day and didn't have to break out my flat safety shoes that I brought just in case I was uncomfortable. Even after I got home I left them on. I have never had a heel that I haven't wanted to rip off my feet at the first opportunity. I am amazed. Plus they are awesomely beautiful. Plus the color is stunning. I loves.

    Grace (oregon)

    June 30, 2010

  • Hooked

    I don't do heels. I do, however, do Fluevogs and this lovely little number has been a gateway drug into the world of sexy grownup shoes.

    The comfort factor of Malibrans is totally off the charts. I wear them with everything, and mourn the fact that I do not own them in every color.

    The bottom strap is a little loose on my foot, but that's no factor at all in how much I love these. Every time I wear my "ruby slippers" (I got them in wine) I get compliments.

    I've collected 5 pairs of Fluevogs over the last few years, and these are my favorite style by far.

    Schmoo (San Francisco, CA)

    June 27, 2010

  • so fanfreakintastic!

    I saw the Fluevog ad in a magazine and was so intrigued that I had to come in and take a peek - and promptly fell in love with the Malibrans! I was torn between the turquoise and the wine, and went with the tuquoise only because I already have a pair of patent red leather shoes. I get complimented on them all the time! I'm just glad that there isn't a store near me so I won't be tempted all the time. I already have plans to coordinate my (future) bridesmaids' dresses around what pair of fluevogs they agree on. Who needs stinkin' pearls when you can be given awesome shoes instead?

    Adrienne (Columbia, MD)

    June 21, 2010

  • Yum!!!

    I have this shoe in wine. Being a singer, it is very apropos. :-). I absolutely love these shoes. I have a very wide, size 5 foot and these fit me like magic. Everyone has different challenges with shoes, but for me these are perfect.

    Jeannie G (Calgary)

    June 9, 2010

  • I'm in love...

    I just got my first Fluevogs! Though I was already in love with them at first site, I love them 100x more in person. Then I tried them on. My feet feel better in them. It's magic. I'm in heaven. I can see why they're so addicting. No shoes compare. I believe I'll be a fluevog collector/addict soon too.

    Gretchen (South Carolina)

    June 8, 2010

  • sad face

    I have the same problem as Vancouver Shoe Girl. My foot slides forward and my big toe gets sore. I love shoes with a strap and usually the strap holds my foot in place so that this doesn't happen. Maybe these are wider than most shoes? It makes me so sad because I love them and they were a splurge and for some odd reason, they go for barely anything on eBay. So, what to do?

    craige (US)

    June 3, 2010


    Try a half-toe pad in the ball of the footbed to keep from slipping, and perhaps an extra hole in the strap. Hopefully that will work :)

  • I celebrated International Fluevog Day this year by purchasing my second pair of Vogs, the orange Malibrans. So cute! So comfy! So funky! Nice, roomy toe box, true-to-size fit... my only slight-complaint is that putting them on is a wee bit tight, given that the bottom strap has only a bit of give to it. You'll definitely want to unbuckle them each time you take 'em off.

    I've been wanting to break into the heel scene for a while, but let's face it, most heels aren't very comfortable. Fluevogs have changed my life. I love these so much that I ordered them in yellow a few days ago. :>

    Carley (Seattle, WA)

    May 19, 2010

  • My 2nd Pair in less than 2 months!

    I just bought these in grey and white in a 7.5. It's my 2nd pair of Malibrans and Fluevogs in 2 months. I love this shoe. I am usually between a 7-7.5, my foot is long and thin and measures around 9.5 inches. The shoe length is perfect, wide for my skinny foot, but thick socks or a heel/toe insert does the trick. These were shipped to me from the San Francisco store, and thank you wonderful FV employees. You sent me a sticker and 2 cute FV buttons not to mention the nice personal note. You just got to love these people. I do. @>-

    Cris (Los Angeles, CA)

    May 12, 2010

  • New to Fluevog but in love

    I'd seen these shoes in a friend's pictures. Then I saw this bag someone picked up at a sample sale...had to run to the nearest store immediately...

    I now own these in Wine. Just loving them. :)

    isadg (Canada)

    May 6, 2010

  • This was my first (surely not last) pair of Fluevogs. My fairy godmother/auntie bought the turquoise ones for me, for my wedding shoes. They were perfect with my Betsey Johnson dress- and it was short, so they were shown off properly. :)

    I wore them for over 12 hours and barely sat down and I tell you, my feet were only sore because I was standing for that long, not because I was in heels. They are, without a doubt, the very best shoes my feet have ever encountered. I have worn them six days out of the last 12 since the wedding.

    I usually take a 6.5 or 7 US and I got these in a 7 and they were perfect. Momo and Wyatt-- look out! You're coming home next.


    April 15, 2010

  • Fit bigger than expected

    I have the Fiorenza in a 5 and the fit is absolutely perfect, so I bought these in a 5 (online). They're 1/2-1 size too big. It's weird because when I compare the 2 they have the exact same size sole. 5's are hard enough to find so I guess I'm going to have to make it work. I wish I could try all the different styles that come in 5's on locally, but the stores that carry Fluevogs never get in the 5's. (:`(


    April 15, 2010

  • Gorgeous Shoe!

    I just received my first ever pair of Fluevog's yesterday. Shipping took 1 day because these awesome people sent them from their Los Angeles store. I chose the wine color heels and they are the most gorgeous pair of shoes I own. The sizing was perfect. I am normally a 7, but when I looked at their size chart and converted from the EU shoes and UK shoes I have in my closet, I determined to go with a 7 1/2. Good choice.

    I received fast witty and helpful emails from Fluevog and the store in LA. These will definitely NOT be my first pair. :-D

    Cristina Valle (Los Angeles)

    March 24, 2010

  • The BEST shoes EVER

    I now own 3 pairs of Malibrans. Before I discovered them I never wore heels. I have a short wide (size 6 1/2) foot, plus a bunion. I was stuck with soft, flat BORING shoes. Then a friend of mine gave me a pair of Wherever Obrigadas that didn't fit her. I tried them on and I couldn't believe it. They were comfortable from the first moment and SO cute. Well that was it. I hit the Fluevog website and was astounded. Where had these been all my life? I went to the store in NYC, tried on the Malibrans and I was hooked. Bought them in turquoise. Then a couple of months later, red. Then yellow. Black will be next. I wear them with everything...jeans, skirts (especially cute with colored tights). Everywhere I go people comment on them. Old, young, male, female. Every time I look down at my feet I feel good. These shoes are worth every penny, very well made. The wide toe box does not hurt my bunion at all. They do run a little large, normally I wear a 6 1/2 but got these in a 6. Oh yes, my husband loves them, too, says they are are adorable. My only complaint is that I wish each strap had a buckle to allow for more adjustment, mine gap a little. But who cares, they are so great. I buff them with plain shoe cream after each wearing and they look like new. BTW, I am 56 years old...these shoes are ageless and timeless. They have great style but are not trendy in the least. They look good today and will still look good for years to come. Thank you, John!!!

    Audrey-Jane (USA)

    March 23, 2010

  • Operetta Malibran fit problems

    Beautiful shoe, seemed comfy in the store. But my foot slides down the slope of the sole & my big toe bangs the toebox, causing great pain after about an hour. I have fiddled with various insoles but nothing really fixes it. I can tighten up the strap but then that cuts into my foot. My sister has the same problem with hers. We both have lots of other high heels that fit OK. This has made me wary of buying any other cute round-toe Fluevogs.

    Shoe Girl (Vancouver)

    March 20, 2010

  • Love. Or is it lust?

    I bought my Operetta Malibrans in wine several years ago. They still look great! I wear them to work everyday. I am a teacher, work on my feet, and have back issues, so this speaks volumes for the shoe's fit and comfort. My only teeny weeny complaint: after wearing them to death, the soles finally wore through and came loose. I had them resoled, but the shoe guy was only able to resole with leather. I miss my rubber soles! Does Fluevog offer resoling?

    Clem Lindsey (Chicago)

    March 3, 2010


    Hi Clem, Contact your local Fluevog store, and their cobbler should be able to resole them with a soft thin vibram sole. :)

  • These shoes were my first Fluevogs, and the love affair was born. I got them in wine, and now have a black pair as well, purchased today in San Francisco. When I walked into the store, I couldn't keep from smiling, I was so happy to see all these beautiful shoes! Now I have 7 pairs of Fluevogs, and they are wonderful. Thank you, thank you, thank you! And a special thanks to Monica, who was so helpful in making suggestions about sizing, and satisfied my lust for your shoes...at least for the moment.

    Erin (Canada)

    February 24, 2010

  • Lovely, but a little uncomfortable

    Now don't get me wrong, I wear these shoes all the time. I got them in Olive and love the colour and the shape. I do however find that the fixed strap across the top has very little give in it and by the end of the day, I do have a big red mark across the top of my foot. Even though they're really similar in shape, I don't find them as comfortable as my Operetta Illeana's. That said, I still wear them all the time so it can't really be that bad!

    Katja (London)

    February 20, 2010

  • Sadly Disappointing!

    I was so excited to buy these shoes, by far the most expensive shoes I've ever owned but I was told they'd last a long time. They were so cute, I had such high hopes, and they were comfortable too. But alas, they fell apart within just a few MONTHS. I couldn't BELIEVE it. Such a big disappointment. I have been afraid to shop at Fluevog's ever since!! Sorry, guys....

    Cara Green (San Francisco)

    February 17, 2010


    Sorry to hear this. Please contact your local Fluevog store and they will gladly help you and resolve the situation since its within the 10 month warranty period. Please give us a chance to change your mind.

  • Don't overlook me....

    Having cruised the whole Fluevog family I never gave these beauties a second look until faced with them in a store in Montreal. Gorgeous style, fit (box toe superb for wide feet) and comfort. I have received many,many compliments but not as many as from my own feet!! My Fluevog family is growing and this Spring's collection does not look to disappoint. I take an 8 and they fit like a glove. My next wedding guest outfit is already being planned from the feet up.. next to the bride I WILL be the best dressed! LOL :-)

    Jessica Manson (Cayman Islands)

    February 6, 2010


    I've wanted and petted and online stalked you Malibran, and now I have you in turquoise...that's right..not black. I love you and now know what you and your kind are all about. You're a full size (yowza) over my street shoe, but you are divine and my flippers have yet to be better shod.


    February 2, 2010

  • With Fluevogs you get what you pay for - high quality, comfort, and freakin' adorable style. Why buy cheap shoes at the mall that only last for 6 months when you can invest in a pair of timeless Fluevogs that make you happy every time you put them on? I'm a 7.5 or 8 in Vogs and went with the 7.5 based on other reviews here. I was also torn between the yellow and gray, but in the end decided to go with the gray and I absolutely love them. They go with almost everything I own, but the color & the contrasting white stitching, still pop and make a statement. So much so that I got asked about my shoes several times even though only the toebox was pointing out underneath my jeans. Imagine when the entire awesomeness of the shoes are on display! My feet will definitely be dancing as I walk my whippets down the street this summer. Fluevogs for Life!

    Krista (The Hammer, Ontario)

    January 22, 2010

  • After falling in love with the Giulia booties, I checked out the rest of the Operetta family, hoping I could find a pair of shoes that were equally cute and comfortable. Fluevog did not disappoint: my wine-red Malibrans are the cat's derriere indeed! They are every bit as awesome as the boots. When I wear them I just want to stare at my feet all day (and, judging by the comments I get, other people are staring too).

    I should mention that I took a size 5 in these shoes, instead of my usual 6. I was surprised by this because my Giulia booties (also in the Operetta family) are a size 6 and they fit great. Go figure.

    Elisabeth (Vancouver)

    January 19, 2010

  • my happy shoes

    These were my first pair of Fluevogs. I am a waitress is a busy,casual fine dining resturant. Even on my worst of days I could put on these shoes and feel confident and a little sassy. I even wore them to work at eight months pregnant and they were still so comfy. I have had them for several years and they are still in great shape. I have very hard to fit, wide feet and they fit me perfectly. My best purchase ever.

    Leslie Vassallo (jasper alberta)

    January 14, 2010

  • Dearest Kate from Santa Fe who may or may not ever see this response BUT: I wanted to reply to you that my 1st pair of fluevog's were a half to a full size too small for me but i still wore them regularly for over a year b4 i actually purchased same shoe, right size (lily darlings, size 11...)My info is that even tho the size was WAy too small AND i wore them ALOT! They Never blew out and when I gave them away to my girl MYA in Austin, they were still practically like new, so im shockedthat yours blew out so soon. I mean I have been wearing my NEW good fitting 1s for like 3 years all the time and they look like new if i polish them 1X a year!!! I love the "vog"!~! Love and adoration always, Big Jen ()-)

    big jen (sarasota FL)

    January 4, 2010

  • Not really for narrow feet

    I have been drooling over Fluevogs for years and finally broke down and ordered these. They are super cute and well made, but don't fit so great on my skinny feet. The heel to toe length is perfect but they seem a bit wide. My foot kind of slides back and forth. Also, the strap with no buckle is way to loose. I am going to take them to a shoe repair place to see if they can take some length out of that strap. Otherwise, they are very comfy! ,-)

    Tiffany Hentchel (tiffany_phillips@hotmail.com)

    December 20, 2009

  • love these

    I love these shoes ... but find that my middle toes, close to foot, get sore after wearing them for a day. What can I do?

    Christine (Vancouver)

    December 19, 2009

  • 4th pair of 'vogs

    They are MINE, ALL MINE! Red and sexy and so comfy. There's something about this shoe, I have ophelias as well and those are classy, but these are innocent AND sexy. True to size and make your feet look small. I know I will destroy them on the cobblestones of Prague, but what can one do?!

    lilu (prague)

    December 18, 2009

  • my 1st vogs

    The red Malibrans were my very first Fluevog purchase almost three years ago. They reminded me of the red buckle shoes I wore as a little girl (yes, even up here in Alaska we've got style and taste!) Although I now have over ten pairs of Fluevogs the Malibrans are my go to's! They are comfortable, stylish, just a bit edgy and hold up to the rain (which we get A LOT of). Perfect for dressing up, down, and all the in between. @>-

    Anne Reynolds (Juneau, Alaska)

    December 17, 2009

  • Cute shoes, don't last long

    These are my favorite looking black shoes I've ever owned. The problem: I've had them for six months and they are totally blown out. Yes, I wear them often but they are EXPENSIVE and should last much longer. The sole of the heel has worn down to plastic. The rubber of the sole all over is peeling off and there is already a hole in the leather of the toe on one shoe. I was a total Fluevog sucker: LOVE the design but wish they were made better.

    kate (Santa Fe, New Mexico)

    November 25, 2009


    Looks like you might have gotten some good wear out of them. Due to the soft (comfy) rubber, its easy to wear them everyday, and out. We have replacement heel lifts, and any cobbler can outfit a soft Vibram sole on the bottom to keep them going for much longer. Contact your closest Fluevog store, and they can send you heel lifts.

  • My first Fluevogs (by the way, your customer service is hilarious and efficient!). I used the fact that I was a bridesmaid as an excuse to buy some; I knew I wasn't going to have fun schlepping around for this color (goldenrod) to match my sash, so I said "oh well!" and got them. Soooo cute, very comfy. They seem a bit loose (took my larger size b/c of my high arch and the straps) but still quite comfortable AND I can wear funky socks with them. I am an elementary art teacher and wore them yesterday... tell you what, little kids have good taste! I got so many compliments on them. Hooray :-{ Isn't he just the cutest little emoticon... look at him... awwww...

    Darcy (Denton, TX)

    November 17, 2009

  • This is my 2nd pair from the Operetta family, and they are fabulous! No breaking in, fit like they were made just for me and are true to my regular size of 7 1/2. If you're going to wear a sock you'd probably want a 1/2 size up. Incredible comfort and unique retro style make these shoes an excellent addition to any wardrobe--they look cute with jeans as well as a dressy skirt.

    christa (alameda)

    November 2, 2009

  • comfortabulous!

    If anyone had ever told me a heel could be this comfy i would have tolld them to shut the f#%k up! I have the yellow ones and i'm pretty sure that I'll own one in every colour within a year.

    Sue morra (sueiscool@rogers.com)

    October 26, 2009

  • I'm a swimmer, so I live in athletic clothes. I am always tempted to wear these shoes with my sweats because they provide far more comfort than any athletic shoe can even hope to aspire to. ,-)

    Sera (Vancouver)

    October 21, 2009

  • These shoes are so easy to wear. No breaking in period and they go with so many outfits. I took my regular 'vog size which is 1 size above my street shoe (mass produced) size.

    Shannon (St. Louis)

    October 7, 2009

  • Love my red Malibrans!!

    Hello, Just to say I bought my ruby red Malibrans from Sole Devotion in the city on the weekend. This is my 2nd pair of Fluevogs- boots the first time (gorgeous too!) The Malibrans are just divine. I have drooled over them on the website for ages!! It has only been 4 days, but I can't stop looking at my shoes and have already had loads of comments about how gorgeous they are. From someone who is on their feet all day, I can say that they are easy to wear, comfortable and sexy all at the same time. I can't wait to visit the Fluevog store in NYC early next year- I have made it a "must-do" stop on my travels!! I am so happy I found Fluevog!

    Anne-Marie (Melbourne, Australia)

    September 29, 2009

  • Perfect!

    These shoes are just *amazing*. They're cute, sexy, stylish, AWESOME, and unique. Fluevogs are the only heels I can walk in comfortably - I'll never buy another brand, now that I know how comfortable heels can be. They feel like they were made specifically for me: they fit my small (size 5), wide feet perfectly. I have them in the wine color (which is really a gorgeous ruby red), and they look perfectly adorable with semi-casual to formal outfits - especially with the incredible matching bag. I've had them for about a year, and they still look brand new. I get gushing compliments every single time I wear these honeys. Do yourself a favor and buy these immediately!

    Ingrid Asmundson (Seattle)

    September 13, 2009

  • Very comfortable shoe!

    These shoes fit like a glove and were comfortable right out of the box. Super cute, funky design that goes with dress and more casual clothes.

    Ronda Brulotte (Albuquerque, NM)

    September 11, 2009

  • I looooooove these shoes!

    Never walked in heels as I could not find a comfortable pair... until I got these. I can now walk all day in these and not even get a blister. They were comfortable from day 1. I get lots of compliments as everybody loves my little red shoes :-)

    indigonat (Montreal)

    September 9, 2009

  • I love these shoes!!

    I bought these shoes during a trip to NYC in March 2009. I now own them in two colors, along with several other variations of the Operetta. These are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. I bought my first Fluevogs in 2000, and have been adding to those ever since. Almost ten years later, the first pair I bought still look spectacular. Thanks so much for these beautiful shoes!!!

    jennifer hansen (Houston, Texas)

    August 7, 2009

  • Make the investment!

    These shoes are one of the best purchases I have ever made. I work on my feet all day, and after 2 years, they are still making my toes happy day after day. The heel, rubber soul and super-soft leather make the Malibran the best shoe investment I have ever made. Now that they are available in Olive, I may just have to have another pair!

    cecily (Portland)

    July 10, 2009

  • My First Fluevogs

    Back in October, I finally 'broke down' and bought my first pair of Fluevogs... and immediately wondered what took me so long! These are so cute and stylish that I wear them all the time. The olive colour is different enough to be interesting, but neutral enough that it goes with just about everything. The heel is perfect, just the right height and sturdy enough that I don't feel like I've been wearing heels all day. And I just love the asymmetrical toe! They're absolutely adorable, and I get compliments on them all the time. I've since bought two more pairs, and am saving up for my fourth, but I think these will always be my favourites.

    Sarah (Vancouver)

    June 29, 2009

  • Favorite Shoes!

    I got my Operettas when they first came out. I've had the heels resoled three times, and wearing them still makes me happy!!! To keep the shoes nice and my feet happy, wear these shoes with little tiny socks, made by Hue, that can't be seen. These shoes are NOT expensive. They are timeless and feel good for years.

    Anne (SF, CA)

    June 19, 2009

  • I am in love!

    I just got these shoes in red. It was my first visit ever to the Fluevog store here in Los Angeles, CA. I cannot believe how comfortable and beautiful they are. I always thought that someone on planet Earth had to come out with the idea of making shoes that were fashionable and comfortable at the same time and I just found this unique source! FLUEVOG! I am an instant fan. But this is not the end, I also bought a pair of boots, Yay!! I am going to leave feedback for the boots right now :) BEWARE: Once you get your first pair of Fluevog shoes you will become an addict! I am not kidding :o

    Elsita (Los Angeles)

    June 15, 2009

  • When I saw these shoes, it was love at first sight. I bought them for my wedding. Now, I just need to find a dress to go with them.


    June 15, 2009

  • Fantastic!

    Just received my Malibrans in Red/Wine. I now own three pairs of Vogs and each pair is more beautiful than the last! I keep thinking it can't get any better, then it does! These shoes are amazingly comfortable, really adorable. The red colour is just the right, bright, deep red and very shiny! The toe of the shoe is much squarer than it looks in the pics, but it suits the style wonderfully. I almost caused a pile up in the ladies bathroom of my local pub when I stopped suddenly to admire my new shoes, when catching a passing glimpse in the mirror. I have spent more time staring at my own feet in the past few hours than in most of my life previously! Fab with jeans, yet smart enough to wear with a 'dressy' dress. There are a couple of weddings I am planning to wear these to already! PERFECTION x

    Rach (Toronto)

    June 2, 2009

  • WOW while on a recent trip to Melbourne, Australia I discovered Fluevog's. Where have they been all my life!?? At the risk of TOTALLY blowing the bank account I restrained myself to only one pair. I love my Operetta in red & I have had some incredible comments from very jealous friends:-)

    Georgina (New Zealand)

    June 2, 2009

  • Relief!

    Discovering Fluevogs a few years ago in Calgary was sweet relief for my feet. So when my beloved labradoodle, Molly, ate my black Operettas, I rushed back to see if I could find a replacement pair! I was horrified to learn that the store was no longer going to carry Fluevogs. Egads - that seemed just wrong. It was only due to this unhappy circumstance that I discovered Fluevogs on-line. Oh - this could be a dangerous discovery! Just ordered my first pair on-line and can't wait to get them!

    Heather McRae (calgary)

    May 30, 2009

  • how much do I love you my favourite shoe

    I'm a flip flop, boot or sneaker kind of girl but the first time I saw these online they sang to me. I waited and waited (knowing that the import duty and charges would kill me) until friends were on tour in L.A. They shopped for me, brought them back. Everytime I wear them, people comment on them, I am a committed fluevog girl now - the most comfortable heeled shoes ever and they just make me smile

    suzanne (Reading, UK)

    May 23, 2009

  • Wow!!!

    Ok, so I never thought I could spend that much money on a pair of shoes... but, these are the BEST shoes EVER!! They're amazingly cute, super comfy.... I'm in love!!!! ]:o)

    Laurence (Montreal)

    May 21, 2009

  • Love the shoes-super cute. Gave me quite the blisters when I wore them without stockings. Other than that, easy to walk in. Love the new turquoise colour!

    Sandra (Victoria)

    May 6, 2009

  • Malibran, je t'aime!

    This is a bit of a premature review, as I have only worn them once, but holy cow! I wore them out to a party last night. Because of San Francisco's notorious lack of cabs, I ended up walking about .75 mile, up and down hills, to get there. How were my feet? Happy. And cute. Stood around and danced on a concrete floor for a while. How were my feet? Happy. And cute. So happy, in fact, that I didn't even try to get a cab home. Just hoofed it in comfort.

    Oh, for Catherine in Ohio — I had the same squeaking problem. In mine, it was my big toe rubbing up against the end of the shoe (my left foot is larger than my right). I found that cutting one of those pads that they will give you at any Fluevog store and putting it on top of my foot worked. I do plan to have them slightly stretched in the hopes of getting rid of it entirely. Hope this helps.

    alysha (san francisco)

    April 26, 2009

  • Love these...have 2 pairs!

    I bought my first pair of Operetta Malibran (black) in December 2007 and instantly loved them! I get so many compliments and everyone wants to know where I got them. I lived in Chicago and love the store there (just moved 2 months ago)! About 2 weeks after I bought my 1st pair, I got engaged and being a "shoe" person and less of a "dress" person, I decided if I was wearing a wedding dress I might as well have the coolest shoes ever! So, I found I could buy the Operetta Malibran in a cream color with a beige stiching and they were perfect! Compliments abounded and I was able to wear them comfortably from noon - 1030pm without any problems! Highly recommended!

    Stacy Lerner (Elkhorn, NE)

    April 15, 2009

  • First and not my last

    I bought these shoes in NYC. I saw the cherry colour and fell in love. I have never bought anything but black! When I brought them home to show my bf, I proudly announced these were the best shoes (albeit most expensive I've purchased) ever. He thought they were so sexy, he didn't ask how much they were! heh. That first night, I wore them all around the house, 'in bed' ;) and considered sleeping in them too! I didn't want to take them off. I have a store here in Montreal - I'll be visiting soon. I am emptying my closet of all the shoes that don't compare in comfort, so I can make room for more Fluevog's!

    Manda from Montreal (Canada)

    April 13, 2009

  • Nice

    These shoes are WONDERFUL but...... why do they squeak so much when I wear them without stockings? I'll answer the question myself - I think these shoes have a lesser grade lining that any of my other Fluevogs - Mini Qtees. :-( It's a real bummer, because half of the fun of wearing in-your-face shoes is wearing them without stockings. I got the gray ones; they seem to fit true to size and the finish on the leather outer is fabulous.

    Catherine (Ohio)

    March 28, 2009

    Operetta Lining


    Actually the lining in the Malibrans are exactly the same as the minis. Earlier versions of the Malibrans did not have the half-suede footstock that newer Malibrans have, but any small insole will help prevent foot-sweat squeaking when not wearing socks.

  • Could love be any sweeter?

    I bought my first pair of Operetta's three years ago and I will wear nothing else. For a girl who has desperatley searched for the best pair of Mary Jane's, I have finally been able to put my search to rest. Thank you Fluvog, I am a very happy woman.

    dana (Hamilton)

    March 13, 2009

  • Love these shoes

    I bought a pair of these in burgundy to get married in. I have wide flat picky feet. They didn't need stretching, they are very bouncy and comfortable, and have TONS of style. They are the most comfortable heels I have ever worn, and are lovely.

    Robin Simons (Delaware)

    March 12, 2009

  • I am in LOVE!

    I have wanted to own a pair of Fluevog's for years and when I walked into the Los Angeles store recently, I knew the time had come. I bought these in Yellow and seriously, for something so bright and cheerful, they are truly a go with everything shoe. I also must say that the amazing staff member Shawn at the Melrose store made for a truly fun shopping experience! It's kinda rare to find such a knowledgeable and friendly salesperson. Give this man a raise! I am hooked!

    Penny (Toronto)

    February 20, 2009

  • first heels i can walk in

    I'm sold on the Malibrans. Thanks to Sole Devotion in Melbourne (both stores) I have a lovely grey pair and they get comments every time I wear them. They especially perked up a friend I visited in hospital. It's great to find a shoe i can wear all day, look geat in and not have sore feet the next day. Yes, have worn with skirts, dresses and pants. Eagerly awaiting my next pair ... via the gods of Ebay.


    lou (Melbourne, Austalia)

    January 18, 2009

  • Sassy and comfy

    These are the best shoes one could ever own. (Buy more than one pair). I wear them every day for work as they are stylish, comfy and I am regularly complemented on them. They look great with dresses and work pants. Despite the heel height they are unbelievably comfortable to walk in, even distances.

    Rachael (Idaho)

    January 14, 2009

  • Shoe Heaven?

    I just walked into my first Fluevog store and out with my first pair of shoes...OMG I cannot get over how comfortable and cute they are. I seriously did not want to take them off after I tried them on, so I didn't. If you are debating...buy them!

    Leah (Seattle)

    January 13, 2009

  • Wonderful

    I bought these shoes in NYC back in March and love them. They were not heard to break in at all. I actually walked around the city in them without cursing the shoe gods. I might have to get another pair seeing how I am going to wear these suckers out....


    December 31, 2008

  • Feminine Shoes You Can Run In!

    I think these are the most flattering pair of shoes I've ever owned. The picture doesn't do them justice. There is something really beautiful about the way they hold your foot. I'm not usually vain, but when I'm wearing these I just can't stop looking at my feet. And I'm constantly on the look out for a mirror! It's weird. But great! And they seem to have the same effect on other people. A woman at a seminar the other day came up to me and said - "I've been completely distracted all morning by your shoes!" And the heel is really comfortable. I can walk or run in them for hours!

    Cecilia (Sydney, Australia)

    November 14, 2008

  • Cherry Red Malibran's

    I fell in love with these shoes when I saw a green pair on a model on the cover of Common Ground magazine last December when I was in Vancouver. When I saw the Red ones in the shop on Granville I was even more smitten.

    Lise (The Hague, Netherlands)

    December 3, 2008

  • Gotta Love it

    I was fortunate to get married last year when Fluevog was custom making this shoe in white. I hate white shoes and did not plan wearing my shoes all night....but with my beautiful Malibran shoes I danced the whole night away and was never uncomfortable!! I love these shoes! They even look great with jeans. Now that is something to be said about shoes that look great in a wedding dress or with Jeans!

    Melanie (Santa Barbara)

    December 2, 2008

  • Malibrans are the Bomb!

    Wow, these by far are my favorites, and when this happens with a Vog, I get 'em in multiples..I now feel giddy about the yellow ones...The burgundy's I got for Valentines Day and the first pair are brown..I always get compliments when I wear them, and they go with many style oevres. As one who is shy in "HEELS" mode, these are VERY comfortable!!

    VdR! (East of the Bay)

    December 2, 2008

  • Without a doubt, the best shoe I have ever owned. I've had them for two years & love them every bit today as I did when I first purchased them.

    Karen (Seattle)

    November 10, 2008

  • I bought the black Malibran almost two years ago and I remember the day I found them. I couldn't believe the way they fit like a glove, so comfortable that I almost forgot I had shoes on...except that I couldn't stop gazing at how freaking cute they are! I have worn them most days to work and they have performed like the workhorse they are. They last and last. Lately I have a hankering for A LOT more Fluevogs. I absolutely have to have the Zaza and I really want the yellow and red Malibrans. One can never have enough Fluevogs. Get some and you'll see what all the fuss is about! :-D

    Paige Burris (paigeburris@hotmail.com)

    November 9, 2008

  • Best Shoes Ever!

    I received these shoes today, and I am more than impressed. I purchased a pair of Fluevog boots a couple of years ago and have already worn out the insides, so I have scoured the website looking for another pair that I couldn't live without... Malibran became those shoes. I have been wearing them since I took them out of the box; I may even sleep in them. Sooo cute and crazy comfortable. Freaking adorable. I am wearing them with cropped jeans right now, and they look awesome.

    Melissa (El Paso)

    November 5, 2008

  • ,-) these shoes are amazing. i could not decide which color i should buy, yellow or red, so i got them both. they go great with jeans and skirt. i love them.thanx

    vesna (san francisco)

    November 4, 2008

  • I had the same problem with the strap but solved it by putting the buckled strap under the other one.

    cat (NYC)

    November 3, 2008

  • LOVE my Fluevogs & So Does Everyone Else

    Like Cinderella sliding on the glass slipper, so it was when I slipped on my wine red Malibrans for the first time at John Fluevog in Vancouver! They fit like a glove - perfect width, perfect height. No blisters, no breaking-in required. I have never worn them without having someone compliment me on their awesome style and originality.


    October 18, 2008

  • Considering narrow feet?

    Dear John:)

    I have been wanting to buy these shoes in green for a couple of years now. When you produced the yellow ones recently, I went totally nuts! I have been to your shops in NYC and Toronto many times trying them on and HOPING that somehow I'll be able to buy them. However, the problem is in the strap which does not have the buckle - it is too wide for a narrow foot and it bumps up when I tighten the the other strap. The kind people in the NYC shop told me you were considering putting buckles on both straps. If that is true, please hurry up as I cannot wait to wear them!!!

    Lada (USA)

    October 24, 2008

  • Operetta Malibran's awsome!

    A couple of years ago I was awestruck when I saw them on the website. It's true, the heel is not too high, the look is totally original, they've held up really well and everyone loves them when I wear them. I painted them in a still life, because they are so sculptural, the painting hangs in a little dress shop downtown, I couldn't keep them to myself ]:o)

    AnnaLouise Hallquist (P-Town, Petaluma, CA)

    October 22, 2008

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