Crepe soled chelsea boot



Crepe soled chelsea boot

COLOUR: Black xo

2 colours

Nap Black xo Crepe soled chelsea boot: Quarter view
Nap Black/White Crepe soled chelsea boot: Quarter view

Sorry, this style has been discontinued

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For the (many) days when you just can’t be bothered to think in the morning, we urge you to embrace the Slacker life. Basic, everyday chelsea boots with no-nonsense crepe soles, The Nap is just what you need when that workaholic brain of yours needs a break. Modest and trouble-free at heart, they’ll go with whatever you’ve got on and their 2" crepe heels will provide that feel-good lift. Let it go!

  • Glossy box leather
  • Elastic gussets
  • Crepe rubber soles 
  • 2" crepe rubber heel 
  • Made in Portugal

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For the (many) days when you just can’t be bothered to think in the morning, we urge you to embrace the Slacker life. Basic, everyday chelsea boots with no-nonsense crepe soles, The Nap is just what you need when that workaholic brain of yours needs a break. Modest and trouble-free at heart, they’ll go with whatever you’ve got on and their 2" crepe heels will provide that feel-good lift. Let it go!

  • Glossy box leather
  • Elastic gussets
  • Crepe rubber soles 
  • 2" crepe rubber heel 
  • Made in Portugal

Check out #vog_nap to see them in the wild!

34 Reviews

  • Patent cracks

    Really disappointed in the patent finish. It both cracks and flakes off. Also, the Insta pot is insanely tight. Six months later and it still is uncomfortable. Sized up to address the instep issue as recommended but boot too long and sloppy. I would avoid this boot. Not happy with this 6th pair…may not purchase a Fluevog again due to lost trust and expensive gamble. 😐

    Julie (Ohio)

    April 19, 2023

    John Fluevog Shoes

    Thanks so much for your message! We’re so sorry to hear about the patent finish on these boots. We’ve been in touch with the Chicago store, and they will be reaching out to you soon to discuss your options.

  • Recommend true to size

    Read reviews and was unsure about sizing. Contacted the Chicago store and the suggestion was to go up half a size. Instep was really tight the first several days; however now after a few additional wears, the half size up is too sloppy. Feels like a clown shoe. Great boot but really disappointed. Will be posting on Fluemarket. 😐😢


    November 29, 2022

  • Styling Chelsea!

    Saw these online just before the pandemic shut down shops and made retail considerations a challenge — I cannot bring myself to buy any Fluevogs online due to sizing difficulties I have had. Luckily I managed to get to my local and scoop up the last pair of Naps in Blue at a 1/2 size larger than my typical.

    While the size up did feel a little long on my foot, these boots do fit snug in width and that much commented upon seam falling across the arch.

    My transverse arch is on the high side though, so I am happy to have gotten larger and was able to also slip in a cushy insole (after a long walk, noted these are not my old bouncy Angels.)

    Final comments:

    > FIT/SIZE : I do agree with others in suggestion to size up. 1/2 point, while was longer on my foot, was sufficient for me and I would not want more. Elastic & fit at ankle is snug, but has not been an issue & I prefer this look.

    > COMFORT : Sole, as mentioned, felt a little stiff/hard, but a sweet insole has sorted that for me.

    > COLOUR : blue does present more muted than online images, beyond screen variation, but none the less nice for it. (and I think all the colours would be great wardrobe additions!)

    > STYLE : Aces! Design & colour present as a sophisticated, modern, sturdy, & 'feminine'!

    alexi m (Montreal)

    October 16, 2021

  • So my Fluevvie Friends, I ordered the Naps about a week ago, calling the Haight St store and having them shipped from the New Orleans locstion. I just got them today and I’M IN LOVE!! They’re perfect comfy, casual-but-dressier-than-converse, boots to elevate even my pajama leggings and blanket poncho into something I could go out in. I’m so happy!! They’re a little tight across the bridge of my foot (is that my instep?) but I feel they’ll warm up well. Im so happy my boyfriend brought these in from the mailbox after I finished my homework because I would have gotten so distracted! I feel like they’re the comfier, easier out on, dressier version of my Docs, but not so dressy that I can’t wear these all the time. Pretty sure I just found my new winter and fall shoe. I don’t know why but I feel so cool in these, like a glam rocker, or a British spy.

    Kaitie (Loomis)

    October 7, 2021

  • Love my Nap boots!

    I received my blue Nap Chelsea boots and I LOOOOVE them! The color is great, less boring than black yet easy to match with a lot of other colors. And the crepe sole, wow, so comfy! I have a dog since last summer and have to walk a lot outside, but I am tired of always wearing sneakers - these boots can definitely handle a good walk in a stylish way!

    I sized up by half a point and the fit is good; could probably have handled a full size up without a problem. Beware, however, the boots are tight on the top of the foot.

    A suggestion for Canadian shipping: please replace Canada Post by another courrier service: it takes forever to receive a box (6 business days for domestic) and the tracking info is lousy.

    Nicole (Montreal)

    February 9, 2021

  • Better version of blundstones!

    I have these boots in brown - they are SOOOOOO awesome. My feet are quite narrow and there is no way that blundstones would work well for me. The style of these boots is also slightly more elevated than blundstones, which I love. They look great with pants, skirts, dresses... everything! And, they are so comfy - the more I wear them, the more I love them. I would say that they fit on the smaller size, as I had to size up to size 11 in these - usually I am a 10.5 in vogs.

    Natalia (Vancouver)

    November 25, 2020

  • Lovely Blue. Size up!

    These boots are an absolutely lovely blue and would be perfect for Fall.

    I went up a half size to a 9 from my usual 8.5, and even then these boots were very short in the toe and too small as a result. I recommend going up a full size at least.

    The boots are a bit clunky for me, so I'm returning them, but for anyone looking for a solid boot that would be great for all-day wear, this would be it.

    Laura (Campbell River)

    November 5, 2020

  • There’s a shank in my boot

    Bought these boots a year ago. Love them but do have a horror story.

    Not long at all after getting these boots, I was taking one off and heard a rattling. I hold it up to my ear to shake it and listen closer. Sounds like metal. But I had just been wearing the boot and there wasn’t anything in my shoe that I could feel. I explore a little bit and end up lifting up the inside sole at the heel a smidgen and then shake the boot some more.

    I shit you not, a jagged metal shard falls out of my boot. It had broken into a sharp as hell, rusty shank and was rattling around in there. I make sure I get out all of the sharp bits in my boot then pretend nothing happened, because, you know, I paid good money for these and I’m going to get my moneys worth. Despite missing a metal support thing on one side, the boots still felt totally normal.

    A few months later, I flew home for the holidays. I go through the metal detector. I SHIT YOU NOT AGAIN, my boots get flagged and the lady says AND I QUOTE “she’s got a shank in one of her boots.” Why? Because there is only one boot that has a metal arch support in it now. So I have to explain to three different people that I do not have a shank in my boot. I’m just missing an arch support on one of them.

    I have been wearing them as my primary boots this whole time despite all of this. But now my left boot is rattling so I better dig that rusty death trap out. I do have a photo of the original meta shard that fell out.

    Taylor (Montana)

    May 15, 2020

  • In love at last!

    I bought a pair of the salmon coloured NAPs on Fluemarket, there were none left in my size in all of North America, but alas, the person who sold them to me lied about the size and sent a huge pair to me, size bigger than stated on the post! I did fall in love with the colour though. I sold them right away (rather than deal with a likely problematic return to deadbeat seller!) and called the Amsterdam store! A lovely person named Petrea talked to me and sent me a pair, minus 20% due to a few little imperfections...they arrived today and I AM OVER THE MOON!! They were snug for about 5 minutes but now I firmly believe I will never take them off! About to begin a summer of no pedicure salons being opened due to Coronavirus, but I don't care! These will be my sandals, shoes, AND boots this summer!! GET THEM! DON'T WAIT!!! As for fit, they are my usual VOG size. No sizing up or down.

    Adrienne Trent (Toronto)

    May 14, 2020

  • Be careful with sizing

    I bought a whole size up, had to take them in to be stretched, and they are still slightly painful around the top of the foot. I've never had a problem before and I don't have an especially high instep so I'm not sure what's going on. Love the bouncy rubber soles. Just make sure to size up!!


    March 14, 2020

  • Feminine yet little bit crazy Chelsea boot!

    The Blundstone fad made me search forever for a Chelsea Boot but they all looked huge and manly on my feet.

    I bought these by phone based on photos on website and help from Signe in Edmonton store.

    Wow! Wow! Wow! Just Gorgeous!

    Thank goodness I listened to her experience with this boot or I would have sent them back stating too small/tight. Putting them on is like suction cups first few times, getting off can be even sillier (took two of us but we had a good laugh). Suction cups!! But once my feet are fully in they are Perfect and feel ahh-mazing. I can now put on and off easier and by myself. The leather is beautiful, you can tell high quality, well made. Once on they look like a sock on my feet.

    Plenty of toe room. Room for heavier socks after wearing few times, or barefoot in summer with shorts or mid thigh dress. Looks great with jeans, leggings, shorts. Hey, how about a trench coat!

    Street size 7, I bought 7.5 in black XO pattern. They are a very 3D/HD look because of the inner foot pattern cutout. Really emphasizes the beautiful look of a woman’s foot in a sexy way. Hugs perfectly in all the right places. Nice firm ankle and arch support, sturdy crepe sole grips the snow like a trooper. I had them coated with dubbin to weatherproof before shipping. My advice? Order through the store to discuss sizing. Use a shoehorn. And pull on the leather (not the pull strap) first few times. Wouldn’t want to rip it.

    Excellent boot. Thanks John Fluevog!

    Sandra (Saskatoon)

    January 19, 2020

  • Cutest boots but poor design

    I should not have bought these boots online since I live so close to a Fluevog store. I ordered the xo style in size 8 (same size as other Fluevogs I have) but they are very hard to get on and off. I'm not even sure if I had sized up if they would have been any better since the length seems right. Once I got them on they fit snug but I think I can make them work. I didn't want to return them because they are sooooo cute, so I had them stretched. They are better but I was told to bring them back if I wanted them stretched more, so I did and they are in the store being stretched now. I don't think the xo style has as much give as the other colours. I was also told people with a high instep (which I have) have more trouble with this boot. Well, they are mine now so I hope they will eventually be comfortable and not be a struggle to get them on.

    Lynda Swafford (Toronto)

    January 7, 2020

  • Love is an understatement

    By far my most favourite boots I’ve ever owned. I wear these boots at least 5 times a week while on my feet all day. Aside from the first few wears (of breaking them in) they have been extremely comfortable! I also love that in comparison to similar slide on boots, their slender fit is much for feminine!

    Jenna Royce (Vancouver)

    December 18, 2019

  • Keely at the Faneuil Hall Boston store is amazing! She was exactly right about the size, the fit, and which color Fluevog socks to get with the boots.

    The orange color is delightful and I get compliments on them every time we leave the house. They are becoming my daily go-to boots for this time of year because they’re the perfect antidote to gray skies and wet sidewalks.

    Thanks, Keely!

    Jill (Olympia)

    November 25, 2019

  • Love them, but super-bummed right now

    I forgot that the elastic damages my socks, and I just wrecked my "My Dog Is Cool As F*ck" socks. Waaaaaaah. Bummer. I really love them but I hate that they keep wrecking my socks.

    Karen Young (Scarborough)

    October 11, 2019

  • Lovely boots but...

    I bought these boots at the beginning of last year and wore them two or three times a week for four months. I loved them: perfect colour, perfect height, so comfy. Then I hurt my foot and didn’t put them on again until Saturday. As I was putting them on, I noticed that the heel was separating from the sole and, when I investigated more closely, the heel came off in my hand. This was hugely disappointing. It’s as if the glue holding the heel on to the sole has dried out or just not bonded properly. I know I am way out of the warranty period but I only actually wore the boots over a four-month period and in any case this is the kind of thing that really shouldn’t happen.

    And now I am eyeing my Procrastinators and worrying that the same fate might befall them...

    Rachel (Weymouth, UK)

    October 7, 2019

    John Fluevog Shoes

    Hi Rachel, We're so sorry to hear about your ailing heels. We would recommend you contact our amsterdam store to inquire about replacement heels and/or your repair options. vo,gg/amsterdam

  • Best Boots on the Planet

    I bought these boots in Victoria, BC in both the black and the blue as I could not choose between them. They are amazing and unreal for comfort. The ankle area is snug but comfortable and gives a beautiful feminine line to the boot, which I prefer. I wear them both none stop and find the quality to be exceptional with no issues at all. My only complaint is that my daughter keeps “borrowing” them.

    Sherri-Lynn Teri (Elora, ON)

    September 28, 2019

  • A hit

    I bought these on sale in a whim and was unprepared for just how great they are. The salmon is slightly more muted than I’d expected from the picture, in a good way - they have an elegant wow factor. They are tighter than I expected though they’re breaking in well - i usually wear 11 in Fluevogs but got 11 1/2 and they’re very snug. Having read the other reviews, I’ll be on the alert for heel issues, but haven’t had them long enough to see how they hold up. However, they’re among my favorite shoes right now - highly recommended.

    Anne (Washington)

    September 27, 2019

  • Nap boot heel problem

    I bought these pretty boots over a year ago for my daughter in college. She has loved these boots until she was out last week end and her boot heel literally fell off!

    I ordered her a new pair with a small discount from fluevog. Perhaps a new combined heel and sole design would last longer? The heel seems attached to the sole in a separate piece? I have not been the first one to comment on this same issue. I’d still love a full credit as I feel this is a design problem and boots should last longer than a year

    Thank you

    Sandy Ring (Alpharetta)

    March 4, 2019

    John Fluevog Shoes

    Hi Sandy! <br />

    Thank you for feedback. We're so sorry to hear about this issue with the Nap. Please contact the store where you bought your boots from as they can help getting them back in shape. We'll also forward your feed back to John & The Design Team for future considerations.

  • Falling Apart

    These boots have given me problems since I purchased them, they're just not well made enough for the price. (I bought them when they were not on sale) The leather wasn't properly glued to the sole so I took them to the store to have them sent to the cobbler. Now a few months later, the heel has literally fallen off. I'm pretty sure I'm still within the warranty, but shoes shouldn't be FALLING APART. I've had shoes from Forever 21 that were better constructed.


    February 7, 2019

    John Fluevog Shoes

    Hi Paige! <br />

    Thank you for your comments and feedback. We're saddened to hear about your experience with the Nap. Please to contact the store where you bought your boots from as they can help get them back in shape. We'll also be sharing your thoughts with John & The Design Team for future considerations.


    I am so happy with these, I wanted the brown ones but they did not have my size! I was devastated until I got a notification that my size was available in brown and on sale! UMMM yes please I ordered immediately, when I got them they were even better than expected so comfy perfect for long work days in and out of office. need a bit of working in as any high quality leather shoe should. they are seriously awesome!!! Seriously in love

    Llana (Cranbrook)

    February 4, 2019

  • Cape not included

    I hemmed & hawed and finally pulled the trigger during black friday sale, and I think I've worn them daily since they arrived. They look amazing, and the sole and just-right overall lift makes me feel like I could leap buildings in a single bound! My only gripe is with the name - these boots make me feel the opposite of a slacker, and the last thing I want to do when I'm wearing them is to nap. They are like vitamin C for my feet!

    (Boring details: the 7 fits my 6.5/7 foot snugly but comfortably. I have read other reviews that complained about lack of arch support but I have a pretty high arch and they feel fine to me. No break in required.)


    December 6, 2018

  • Best Heel

    Just now opened the box my new Nap's came in. I'm walking around my place thinking this" heel" is the very best thing ever!! Crepe sole and a wearable heel. Yes.

    I got the brown. The colour is sort of perfect; dark and looks great with black. I often wear a size 7 but lately I go for a 7.5 , I did here, and that was a good decision. I have a fairly narrow foot with a high instep and I'm finding the boot tight at the instep but fitting nicely through the heel and length. Hoping the leather will soften to allow the top of my foot to feel more comfy. Thanks Fluevog Elves!!

    sian (Halifax)

    November 26, 2018

  • Love at first sight!

    I have been eyeing these babies for a year and finally pulled the trigger and ordered them in black. What was I waiting for? They are beautiful and incredibly comfortable. I ordered from the Portland Store and they helped me decide between these and a few other pairs I was considering. The Kitty in the City packed my box and it arrived safe and sound and full of wonderful goodies including a personal note. I love the whole John Fluevog experience!

    Randi (Baltimore, MD)

    November 2, 2018

  • Awesome boots!

    Loved these and would have been perfect if they went up to a size 12. These fit perfect without socks!!! However no room for movement.

    Teresa (Eagle Point)

    July 5, 2018

  • Gorgeous !!!! BUT

    Ok, these are gorgeous. The leather is soft, the color is rich and the look is just fabulous. The only thing these boots lack are arch support, and I mean have none. It is not a difficult to solve problem, but it is a shame that they have one - nevertheless I just LOVE them.

    Yehudit (Foster City)

    June 30, 2018

  • I've always loved naps - now I love Naps!

    Got these in red - and they're a true gorgeous red!

    So comfy once they're on - a little tough to get my feet in the first time (the ankle is very narrow) but it's getting easier.

    Now I need the yellow!

    Karen (Boston)

    May 16, 2018

  • Best purchase

    I was browsing one day and walked into the DC store, it was busy in there and I saw a lady try these on, she was wearing a black dress and black tights and they looked so good on her I even chimed in her conversation with her husband to tell her she should definitely get them.

    Anyway... I kept going with my day and ever since these boots have been burning my brain. I finally decided I was going to just live a little and go purchase them ( I was struggling with the price to be honest ) well, they didn’t have my size in black so I tried on the blue ones to see how they fit. Long story short, I called Carrie the lady who helped me and decided I NEEDED them (haha) she was very friendly and helpful and ordered them for me, they came today from the New Orleans store and it was like opening a gift because it had a note from the store, and some candy in the shoe box along w my shoes.

    I just thought the extra step taken added to my excitement to finally get them ! Nowadays for a business to take care of their customers in subtle ways means a lot.

    I say that to say this, yes they are a little expensive but the design and quality coupled with the friendly and sweet extra steps from the vog associates made it feel as though these are worth every penny. Not to mention they are the super cute and vesatile!!!!

    I suggested them made in red too (please)

    Liv (DC)

    April 12, 2018

  • Happy to Nap

    I tried on lots of spring shoes without intending to buy right now, but I couldn't stop thinking about these. I actually went back to the store to get them. They are effortless to put on and wear - great for days when you don't want to fuss. And winters in Michigan cry out for a cute, practical bootie with a little height to slosh through the slush. They look good with jeans, but I love them with leggings. The blue is stunning! I did go up 1/2 size from 10.5 to 11 for a little extra room - the smaller size felt just a little snug with a sock. If these go on sale in black, I might grab them too! I can't wait to see what else comes out in this family.

    Stacy (Kalamazoo)

    February 11, 2018

  • Nap

    I waer 11 or 42 but Nap 11 are too small... please, I would love to have a real 11! I love those boots.

    Elaine Bertrand (Montréal, QC)

    January 13, 2018

  • Striking vibrant blue booties!!!!!!!!

    These lovely boots are so comfie, look so hot & go with everything. I was so surprised when I put them on & found them to be amazingly comfortable. And toasty warm too. Good for cold Vancouver weather we have had recently. I wore them out of the store & have worn them all day today & I may wear them for the next few days!!! They go perfectly with all my jeans. I have quite a few Fluevogs & these are now in my top 5 favorite Fluevogs list.


    December 22, 2017

  • Groovy Blue

    I love these boots, so much! I usually wear size 12 in Fluevogs. Based on other reviews I went ahead and ordered 11s since that is as big as they come. They do fit like a glove and are wide enough and long enough for my foot. With a pair of nylon knee-hi’s I’m good to go. My pair are blue. They go with all my jeans. The crepe sole really protects against cold ground below. I love them so much I ordered the blue and black for my twin daughters’ upcoming birthday. Thank you for a cute and classy boot!

    Susan (Austin)

    December 21, 2017

  • Although these are super cute and comfortable, I've only worn them a few times and the heel is already falling off. I expect more from Fluevogs. Having to pay for repairs after owning them less than a month is aggravating. Grrrr


    December 20, 2017

  • Amazing boots!!!

    These boots seem narrow when trying to put them on, but once you slide past the narrow ankle, these babies fit like a glove, true to size, and perfect for even a wider foot like mine. I am a true size 7 and the 7 fit perfectly. I got the black, and the leather is incredibly soft, no break in period required for these beauties. They go with everything, and will become my new everyday kickers, for running errands, going for walks, you name it!!

    Sarah (king twp)

    November 29, 2017

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