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Posted by Alenka Grealish from PDX:
Sad re. customer service in PDX - haven't heard from you

You sent a promising response to resolve the poor quality heel issue of my boots, but now almost 2 weeks later, nothing. I sent an em per your suggestion with my ph# and got no response.
Posted by Janice Russell from Ontario Canada:
Purely Awesome

I have no words to describe these shoes....they are purely awesome. I have been a very avid shoe shopper for different yet comfortable shoes. A combination which I have rarely found until now!!! These are my first but will certainly not be my last....thank you!!!
Posted by Gabriele Anna Lesch from Stuttgart:

Today I shopped my first Fluevog Shoes in Warsaw! Great! Thanks! Walking is now like flying! (Before I had to take my bike for getting this feeling)Feeling great! ThX a lot! G
Posted by Alenka Grealish from PDX:
Sad...anti customer service encounter

Ouch,just had 2 very anti-customer encounters with PDX store. Problem: heal veneer on boots that I have hardly worn is peeling off and looks terrible (in contrast to my daughters' Fluevog boot heals--older than mine--which aren't made with a veneer). All the mgr and sales person could say over & over is "sorry 8 mos. warranty." And say this to a person who has not only been a customer but also an advocate. Wow, striking, no creative problem resolution, no empathy, just policy... Well @ Fluevog price point, customers should receive stellar service for that's the only way boutiques are going to survive in the world of m/e-commerce and giants like Nordstroms which provide stellar service... Very disappointed, now a naysayer of Fluevog. Convince me otherwise.
Reply from John Fluevog Shoes at Fluevog:
Hey Alenka, I'm sorry to hear that you've had such a disappointing experience with one of our stores. We would really like to speak with you further regarding it; could you please email us at info at fluevog dot com? I know that we can work together to find a solution!
Posted by Lynne Mawson from St Catharines ON:
Brian is the best

My sister Erin and I visited your Queen st Toronto store on Wednesdaty past. I have Vogged for over 25 years, but my sister Erin was a newbie. Brian was a. Total treasure. He walked her through many shores until she found THE pair. The pair I wanted is now on order. Brian is a gem. Total gem. Love him.
Posted by judy from port huron, mi.:

Purchased my first pair of Fluevog boots...they arrived the other day...orded the olive, Patti..LOVE THEM!! I was nervous they were the wrong size, as they were a bit tight to get on....but once on they are like slippers!! Being a hairdresser, I can wear them all day without the dogs screaming! Happy to have found a comfortable, stylish boot...THANK YOU!!
Posted by Lainie from Portlandia, Oregon:
Crystal Rocks!

Crystal in the Portland store is my new BFF! She patiently helped me pick out my 16th pair of Vogs today. Thank you Crystal and JF for them amazing shoes and service!
Posted by wrapbracelets from vancouver:
Purpose | Objective

These shoes would look awesome with straps made with a combination of patent and suede. The textured leather would have a better effect if it was a different color, too.
Posted by Howard G:
Catherine make Washington DC Rock!

Until last Friday I had never been to a Fluevog store (only this site) and had no idea what I was missing! Catherine took great care of me and the two friends I dragged in my wake. I knew that a trip to the store was on my Washington DC "to do" list, but I'm still thrilled I left the store with not only the shoes I'd lusted after online but a 2nd pair as well (shipped from a store on the West Coast)! Great Shoes, Great Service and Great People!!! Thanks Catherine You (and Fluevog) Rock!
Posted by Danielle from Canada:
Granville Service?

First - let me say that I LOVE my Vogs - and all them out there! So this is comment is in no reflection to the products :) I wasn't going to write this - but after talking to some friends (who own WAY more than me -- sad to say!) they urged me to comment about my recent experience at the Granville store in Vancouver. It was horrible. I walked around looking at shoes - picking up some ... browsing - and I had to ask the lady there for help ... I felt like I was disturbing HER day. I had no help with fitting - she went back behind the counter. I was left with this box and to be on my own. (very odd experience for me) - I wasn't asked how to fit - if they fit. And worse - I wasn't asked to try something else on. I had full intentions of buying a lovely pair - and walked out totally upset over that. And then to find out that one of my friends had the same experience in the same store 2mths before me - that was upsetting - because her to would have bought a new pair. :( I'll gladly hit up the Gastown store next time I'm in town to get my pair ... (And again - this is NO reflection on the shoes - since they are simply the BEST!!)

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