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Posted by Ginny from Melbourne:

A colour missing from the Fluevog repertoire is beautiful dark purple iris colour. Please bring back the Fiorenza .... in iris! Cheers!
Posted by JUDY:
I have worn your shoes for many years, but find many of the styles now seem too youthful for me. I do not want to appear like I am trying to compete with women half my age. Please see my design entered recently called celestial t strap. I still love fashion, but I wear my skirts a little longer these days.
Posted by Martina Kowalke from Houston:
Bigger please!!!!!

Dear John, I love you!!! since I bought first pair of your shoes 2005.The shoes are too small, but I never sent them back or sold them.Please think about us with big feet. I am 5'11" but still would like to wear high heels!!I would like to wear your shoes, not just look at them( like I do now :-(
Posted by Rita Batiste:

My boyfriend & I flew to Chicago last week and on my birthday Feb. 10th he hands me a bag...I open it...& inside are my first pair of John Fluevogs!!! He had packed them in his suitcase, I had no idea. I received a pair of 'Elizabeth' shoes. I am insanely and passionately IN LOVE with them!!! I wore them to the opera last night and I noticed people giving me second looks to my shoes. I do not want to be away from my Fluevogs & I am considering wearing them to bed tonight!!! Many, many thanks for creating such beautful shoes. Next on my list: the Operetta Malibrans in Wine & the Bellevues Etta Place in Black n' White!!! Can't wait! Much love!!! Rita Batiste
Posted by Anielle Bel Ange:
Guardian Angel Lucas

Merci for the Guardian Angel Lucas shoes. They will always be a reminder of your kindness and love for all humans on the planet, particularly us. Danielle& Michiel & Lucas
Posted by Catherine from Vancouver, BC:

Unemployed and blue, I snuck a peak at the webpage and ended up <cough> 'accidentally' ordering three pairs. Those arrived today, beautifully wrapped in bright blue paper which made it easy for the scattered post office to dig out of the pile ,-) Loved the bags that came with the boots and pumps, LOVED the handwritten note from Emilie at your Quebec store. You make me feel like a Queen!! ]:o) I want to take off my new prepare slouch/volunteer boots, but.. they're so comfortable. I can't!! ?:-) They're so comfortable. with these boots I'm close to 6'1 but have no problems walking at all! Yay!! <3 you guys, thanks
Posted by Karen from NYC:
My new Vogs!

Love, love, love my new Creepers!!! 45 pair and counting. I need no help for my addiction... :-B
Posted by Robyn from manitoba:
Gastown Great

Having generally had to rely on web sales (which are pretty easy) I was happy to finally get to Gastown. My husband says I sent my fluvologist on a vacation with the commission . That's OK because I went home happy. Thanks Wes.
Posted by Tammy Waibel from Gabriola Island, BC:
Ba-BING! First Pairs Ever!!

I am an Island Girl. Beach, forest, country lanes, me&dog, hours walking. Dirt roads, no sidewalks, kicking in Nature. These Bings will make me a stylish trekker. Comfort unreal. Quality outstanding. Very European look. Incredibly stable...hate wiping out! Great sizing. Keeping both 9&9.5, 9 for tights, 9.5 for insoles & thick wool socks. Ohhh...and I got them on sale! True Freaking Love. Next up, a "City" pair. Forever Vogging
Posted by Sherri C from Near Philly:
You have SPOILED my feet!

:-O The numbers in my "collection" keep growing. I love the support I get from people like Ali in NYC to ensure I get the correct size. I noticed someone here on the guestbook was not happy, and I hope he let someone know what shoe made him so disgruntled because there are just soooo many fantastic shoes from Fluevog. I have to say, I have been very partial to my shoes made in Mexico (FRONTIERs), however there have not been any lately added to that family so I am now on my second F-shoes (Cece and Bing) and just love the bounce in my soul/sole!!

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