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Posted by Julia from Chicago:
Everyone loves the Obrigadas

A few years ago I bought the blue and grey Obrigadas on sale. (I thought the blue was turquoise until now.) I only wear them to parties and dancing, they are too beautiful to knock around at the office and such. During the holidays we were lucky to have no ice and snow and I wore them to a holiday party. As soon as I got on the bus they got a compliment, and they were complimented five more times at the party. I hope Fluevog will offer a similar lower-heeled style again with turquoise because it's clear that everyone loves them! As a tall woman with sore feet I wish Fluevog would offer more pretty styles in lower-heeled shoes. I no longer buy high heels. I've seen some on the Adriana platform but that is too narrow for my feet. I saw the preview of the Choice Margies - just what I need! I'll buy black ones for work and maybe the blue ones also. Still it would be nice to have some party shoes in lower heels. Thanks very much for the wonderful quality and style of Fluevogs! :-)
Posted by Nancy from Manitoba:
Bigger sizes

I am fortunate to own a few pairs of shoes and boots that are just fabulous. But lately, the selections that appeal to me are only availabe to size 11 - and I am a 11.5 or 12. Please keep up the larger sizes.
Posted by Allison Ryan from Montreal, Quebec, Canada:
Bigger not better please!

It has been years I have drooled at your womens' selection. One day I hope you will consider making some of the models of boots in larger female sizes, there are more of us large foot lusters out there than one may realize! Size 13 plus an insert isn't an easy road to walk in fashion, help us ladies with long feets feel sexy? Pretty please? My kingdom (ok maybe just my wallet) for a knee high brown leather contouring the leg flat heel boot in size 13 (or even 13.5 but this is a fantasy so I can push my luck hehe) *sighs* ()-)
Posted by Jennifer Gieg from Washington, DC:
Keatons for Women...Puh-lease!

Please, please, please make the fabulous Keaton purple and denim boots in women's sizes (or make more of the smaller men's sizes). I LOVE them, but can't wear a men's 9!
Posted by Kim:
5-Star-Shout-Out for the Assistant Manager Monika (Haight Street store in San Francisco) who has ushered me into the World Of Fluevog. Monika was super patient with me, ran and down the stairs more than 5 times with arms full each time because I was trying on every option for a funky commuting shoe. We found the perfect one with the Map clog/boot! My second soiree with Monika was just as fun. She is super knowledgeable, awesome customer service, fun to chat with and this place is simply a delight to spend 3-4 paychecks for the best shoes and boots on the planet. I just bought the Altos in Black and Purple and am ELATED!!!! Merci John and Monika!!! Looking forward to the Spring 2013 collection!
Posted by Asmeret from Philadelphia:
Fluevabulous Customer Service

Sherri from Minneapolis Sean from New York Janeice from Minneapolis Sean, from NYC store was my first experience with the terrific online/phone customer service in the purchase of a gift card for my honey. She became familiar with my name and her service to me felt guinuine. Sherri from Minneapolis!!! She was awesome in taking my order over the phone for my honey's Gateway Brandenburg's (awesome Olive green). Not only that, I had a major dilemma on the delivered date. I totally but my billing address as my shipping address and I no longer live at that property but my mother does. Sherri immediately called UPS and called me back to keep me abreast of the status. I thought about my mistake and called her back. She was attentive and supportive through the whole ordeal. Thank you do much for going the extra step! And after all that to open our well wrapped and packed pair of Fluevog's I was greeted by an awesome letter from Janiece. This made me smile, and a proud customer of John Fluevog. Keep the styles coming! More knee boots in 11 please Johnny :-D
Posted by Sartorialista Meath from Minneapolis:
Scout Mule, Please

Please bring back the Scout Mule! I love my Prepare Leader mary janes and Prepare Map boots, and I'd love a mule with a similar heel. It's uber-comfortable.
Posted by melissa from durham nc:
good morning, I debuted my first pair of fluevog's yesterday. Fantastic. Thank you. I look forward to purchasing and displaying many more :-D
Posted by Derek from Vancouver:
It was meant to be

Once upon a time ... ok it was a couple years ago ... my girlfriend Victoria fell in love with a pair of Olive Green "Halt" ankle boot, they were on sale from $500 down to $350 but still she needed time to think about it ... as we walked around town she talked about the boots, there timeless style and how she could wear them for 30 years! Like a dumbass I said "your going to ear them when your 70?" Naturally that ruined it for her until .... today. She was in the store on granville and telling the story to another woman who was also shopping when a salesman overheard the story and said they still had them and he knew were! and they were now marked down to $199 .... it's like the shoes found her and it was meant to be *lol :-)
Posted by Lhay from Hattiesburg, MS:
Fluevoggin' Southern Style

I love bold, structured shoes, tall leather boots in particular, especially with skirts and dresses year-round. But I live in South Mississippi, and it is HOT here (and in Atlanta, New Orleans and Memphis, too), so we can only wear our "winter" boots for a short window in December and January. Cowboy and ankle boots aside, I would LOVE a brown/black/grey boot with serious ventilation that I could wear year-round. :-) Thoughts?

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