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John Fluevog Sale

With the John Fluevog Thinks You’re Awesome Sale in stores and online, it’s the perfect time to take the plunge on a pair of ‘vogs to walk you through your summer; plus, we’ve added even MORE styles and even FURTHER reductions! Now take a moment and imagine the ocean, a sunset, and your gorgeous, fresh SALE Fluevogs there to take it all in beside you. Romantic? That depends on how you feel about Fluevogs (but it’s definitely awesome).


Revelation Restock

Miracles run abound in the world of Fluevog, but this one is worth noting – The Miracles Revelation, in its stunning black and ivory colo(u)rway, is back! With a restock of this divine pump, you no longer have to pray your size is still available. Hurry in! A piece of heaven like this won't stay hidden in stores long.


FC Brief

The Bronte is a Fall ’14 style with a fresh canvas, waiting for the hand of a particularly artistic Fluevoger (we know you’re reading this). Whatever your preferred medium is, now’s the time to unleash your creativity on the current FluevogCreative brief. Get your entries in!

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