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•FRIDAY, OCTOBER 26th 2012•

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New Swordfish Edwardian Hamburger

Another Swordfish style has now arrived in your local, friendly Fluevog Store. This unisex boot has been all the rage since hitting the floor. Using tough, aged Texas leathers, tunite soles, instep zippers, straps and buckles, it's no wonder The Swordfish are cherished and collected by rockstars everywhere. Oh, you've never seen an Edwardian Hamburger before? You have now... Stay Sharp.


New Hopeful Kanawa

John Fluevog makes BOOTS like no one else! It's been well documented. Those boots that you enviably eyed on the bus/subway/sidewalk? Probably pleasure giving Fluevog Boots. The Kanawa are a perfect example: a luscious calf-high boot in the Hopeful Family borrowing all we've learned from previous award winning boots. F is for all things Hope.



A boat load of fine Fluevogs have been added to clearance! Shop by size and find that gem to add to your collection. Remember, until we develop wheelfeet, we'll always need shoes.


John Says:
"Enlighten your walk "


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Minneapolis Edition

We're breaking our backs to get your Fluevog Minneapolis Store open as soon as we can. If you're in front of your calendar, November 10th will be the earliest we can hope to open. If not then, it will be the following weekend. Upon opening, we will also be unveiling 1 mens and 1 womens Minneapolis store only colorway in limited numbers! We can't wait!


FC Brief

John has always said "everyone is creative... You are creative, whether you know it or not." Well now's the time to flex that creative muscle. Get a sneak preview of some of Spring 2013, let your mind go free, and design the world's best ad creative for these beautiful Desmonds. Fluevogers will vote, and you could walk away with $1000 of Fluevogs. Join The Fluevocracy!!



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