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Located in the heart of the Granville Street shopping district, John Fluevog Shoes has been serving the good Fluevogers of Vancouver since 1970. As one of the first Fox & Fluevog stores, JF Shoes Granville is proudly the oldest of all the Fluevog stores and has been visited by many rockstars who have played the Commodore across the street. Come in and experience the history of John Fluevog.

granville store



John Fluevog Shoes Granville Street


837 Granville Street VANCOUVER, BC. V6Z 1K7

(604) 688-2828

Store Hours:

Mon-Wed: 11-7

Thurs-Fri: 10-8

Sat: 11-7 Sun: 12-6

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Posted by Fiona from Melbourne, Australia:
I'm coming!

With a limited Fluevog selection in Melbourne (and what seems like nothing in my size), I am so excited that I'm coming to Vancouver end of May (please stock up on size 10-10.5). Yes, I've already marked the map with where I'm staying and where you are. I guess there might be something else worth seeing in Vancouver...? Oh, and I am excited to visit my friend :)
Posted by shirley wright from new westminster:
Bought THREE pairs of shoes in-store today from the super-helpful and very patient Eric, then came home and ordered another pair on-line. Completely self-indulgent a-hole? Why yes, I am. But who'll notice that tiny character flaw while they're being dazzled by my amazeballs new feetswear?
Posted by marleine wagner from Canada:

I just ordered some shoes for my daughter's birthday and the young man who helped me was awesome. His name was Allan. Thanks a bunch!
Posted by Rosemarie from Vancouver:
I have purchased two pairs of Fluevog's at your store. Luv 'm - just can't help myself!
Posted by branwen from Vancouver:
your shoes

I have 1 pair of your shoes the black pumps,I love them sooo much,I would love to have another pair but unfortunately I am on a small budget. I like to get my fluvog fix by walking in the store and looking at all the beautiful creations both new and old, xoxoxox B-)
Posted by marjorey@shaw.ca from Nanaimo:
I bought a pair

Hi, I bought a pair of the fluevog shoes for dancing and I had the bag going on the ferry home and the ferry woman worker said "you" and I looked around and she said "yes You with the bag" What did you buy" and I had to show her and she showed the whole ferry waiting room my shoes. She said she buys shoes there all the time and she just had her fluevog fix for the day. Wasn't that nice.


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