2023 Fluevog Artist Grant Winner: Adrienne Pan

The Fluevog Artist Grant is a $10,000 fund designed to support the creative growth and development of up-and-coming talent within our community of Fluevogers. This year’s recipient, Adrienne Pan, is a sculptor and performer in the Ballroom scene, primarily practicing in the Bizarre category.

Based in Montréal, QC, Adrienne (who also goes by Moohk and it/its pronouns), plans to use its artist grant winnings to experiment with new contexts and forms to create an expanded sculpture, allowing people who visit the installation to be immersed in the space—a deliberate departure from Adrienne’s more performative pieces. While still focusing on aspects of the sculptural costume form, Adrienne’s new work will invite viewers into a wonderfully Bizarre world, entirely of its own creation and imagination. It also intends to facilitate a workshop on creating and performing for Bizarre while teaching the history and fundamentals of the practice.

Read on to learn more about Adrienne’s journey and process as an artist and performer in its own words!

“I am a mixed race (Chinese & Indigenous), working class queer, who left home at thirteen and lived homeless, finding community and survival in my friendships and queerness itself. When I found voguing & Ballroom culture, I grew as an artist, performer, and person, and became proud of who I am and how I move through the world.”
“My work embodies transformation and transmutation, building wearable sculptural installations that I perform, mainly in Ballroom. My practice is grounded in this deep sense of community, and my ‘looks’as they’re known in Ballroom cultureare both a home and a siren, a lighthouse and a shelter.”
“My performance and wearable works are a way of honouring the weirdness and outsideness that builds our queer and trans racialized scenes of Ballroom culture, and a way of immersing myself in the glory of moving as a strange body, a beacon of bizarre movement, a home that no one knew they needed till they saw me walk.”
“Bizarre demands the strange and unusual, and I build with the beauty of these things, often working with discarded materials. Drawing on my history and weight that I carry, my works are both an architectural armour and a shedding of skin, where vulnerable transformation is shared and uplifted in a community of artists I call home.”

Congratulations Adrienne! We can’t wait to see your projects come to life!

To learn more about ballroom, check out Canadian Ballroom Extravaganza on CBC Gem and be sure to check out episode 4: “Bizarre” featuring Adrienne!

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