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A History of Fluevog in Tapestry!

Thinking back over his 48 years in shoe business, John is blessed to count among them enough memorable highlights for multiple lifetimes. Wanting to immortalize some of these memories into a single work of art, he collaborated with artist Thomaz Magno on this original tapestry piece, working in as many references to Fluevog past, present and (hopefully) future as possible. We’ll help point out a few, but feel free to get together with friends and a magnifying glass to seek out how many hidden gems or different versions of John you can spot!

Shop John’s Fall/Winter ’18 tapestry collection in stores or online now!

  1. The sign from Luxury Freeze, John’s father’s ice cream drive-in
  2. The Sea Angel
  3. A Flunicorn 😉
  4. John’s bicycle
  5. Fluebodies ad campaign
  6. The Flueguar, currently parked at Fluevog Portland!
  7. Jack White in The Jack
  8. Lady Gaga in The Cubist Cupcake
  9. The Fluevocette
  10. Fluevog’s Crit Nasty Girls
  11. Lady Miss Kier in The Original Munster
  12. Beyoncé in The Celestial Communication Seraphina
  13. The Fluevogian Elves
  14. #Voghead
  15. Fluevog HQ office dogs, Pipo, Peanut & Adeline (not pictured: Otis!)
  16. Mrs. Ruth Fluevog (she’s wonderful)
  17. John’s first ever shoe design, The Truth Pilgrim
  18. Fluevog’s flagship store in Gastown, Vancouver
  19. The Vogbot
  20. John’s 1948 Austin Dorset

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