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A VogPride Series: Mx in Boston

“I spent many years trying to conform to society’s idea of who and what a binary woman or man should be, and ultimately found myself most comfortable as neither. I identify as non-binary transmasculine, which means on an average day, I tend to present masculine-of-center but not quite binary male. I use they/them pronouns exclusively.  

My favorite way to describe my use of makeup is “goth, not femme.” I take a lot of inspiration from 80’s punk/goth, which was well known for its androgynous style and high use of colorful makeup. I use makeup the way an artist uses paint or other media– it’s something to play with and a way to express myself, but not necessarily to adhere to societies conventional idea of “feminine.” 

I am a professional drag and burlesque performer (often combining the two as draglesque!) and present many different ways on the stage. I’m just as likely to portray Galadriel from Lord of the Rings or Queen Beryl from Sailor Moon as Klaus from The Umbrella Academy or Taako from the Adventure Zone (or my absolute favorite canonically non-binary character– Loki from Marvel Comics). Drag has been an incredible vehicle to explore gender presentation beyond the binary, and to play with and exploit the many tropes that come out of binary drag or burlesque. 

My first Fluevogs were the 10 Eye Derby Swirls. I was, and still am, so excited to have found such a fun and androgynous shoe that feels as funky as I am. They’ve taken me on a wild array of adventures from meeting the band Immortal, to stomping through London, to eventually working for Fluevog itself! Fluevog has been such a welcoming space to work in, and to enjoy.  It’s such a gift to be able to find shoes that are not adhering to traditional Men’s vs. Women’s style. I simply adore that a flashy Fluevog shoe is just as likely to be from the Men’s section as Women’s (or both like my beloved Grimaldis!) 

To those who are on their own gender journey, I offer this advice— there is no one right way to be transgender.  There is no one right way to be non-binary or genderfluid. There is no one right way to be masculine, feminine, neither or both. You do not owe society “passing”. It takes courage and strength to live as your authentic self, and that road may not always be easy. But the world is ever-changing, and living your truth makes not only your own life a better and brighter place, but serves as a beacon for those seeking out the light.”

— Mx from Fluevog Boston Faneuil

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