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Exhibiting Forgotten Faces And Colours of the Street at Fluevog Calgary

Peanut Gallery at Fluevog Calgary

Current Exhibition: October – November 2014  Dan Lewis  Forgotten Faces and Brice Peressini  Colours of the Street

 In their first gallery showing, this collaboration between Dan Lewis and Brice Peressini brings together two unique yet complementary perspectives of urban street photography.  Dan’s Forgotten Faces explores the everyday mannequin adorning windows all around us, giving us the opportunity to explore the emotions evoked by these plastic people who are modeled in our own likeness.   Brice’s Colours of the Street aims to show the beauty of the most accessible of art:  Graffiti.  Brice has taken over 4000 photos of street art from Portugal to Colombia, and this exhibit showcases his twenty-four favourite pieces.

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