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Fluevog Edmonton Artist Grant

John Fluevog Shoes is putting out an open call for artists to send in their design ideas for a wall installation to be displayed in their new Edmonton store, opening on Whyte Avenue in late March. 

Opening in a refreshed heritage building with brick walls from the 1920’s, Fluevog Edmonton will have a historic vibe to it with reclaimed wood furnishings in various tones and textures, grey floral and burgundy crocodile leather furnishings, touches of brass, wood floors and a large mirrored back wall. 


The available wall space for this art installation spans 68 feet long with a backdrop of historic brick. From floor to ceiling, the wall height measures 11’4”, but the art would be restricted to being installed above the planned shelving and on either side of a large circular mirror in the centre as pictured on page 2. This allows for about 6×68 feet of wall space for a proposed art installation. 


  • The installation will be applied directly onto the historic brick and we would prefer not to drill too many holes. 
  • If the installation needs power, the electrical will have to be surface mounted onto the brick, so keep that in mind. 
  • We would prefer not to paint the brick, but could be convinced to paint small portions of it for the right piece. 
  • The wall butts up to a large mirror on the left, so this reflection could make the art on the left side go on for infinity!
  • Proposals to install already existing artwork will be considered.
  • Proposals to install a series of smaller installations will also be considered.

The deadline to apply for the Fluevog Edmonton Artist Grant has now passed. A big thank you and plenty of high fives to everyone who submitted a proposal! We received over 100 submissions and your efforts as a whole have wowed and overwhelmed us. Proposals are currently being reviewed and you will be notified if your submission has been shortlisted.

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