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Fluevog takes over 1 Degraves St to open first Australian store in Melbourne!


October 2019 — John Fluevog Shoes 

After many fond years of partnering with Australian retailers and welcoming troves of well-dressed Australians into the Fluniverse, it’s about time John doubled down. Fluevog Shoes is delighted to announce that it will be opening a store in Melbourne this October!

Taking over the space at 1 Degraves St from former Fluevog retailer (and dear friends) soleDevotion, Fluevog Melbourne is honoured to inherit the historic spot, just a stone’s throw away from Flinders Street Station.

Full of appreciation and admiration for the folks at soleDevotion, we took some time to catch up with owner Andrew Hall as he passed the torch over.

You’ve built such an awesome community at soleDevotion, can you tell us briefly about soleDevotion’s history and what are your fondest memor(ies) that pop to mind?

soleDevotion came to life in 2006 when we took over the unofficial Fluevog outpost in Greville Street, Prahran. Having been long-time fans and enchanted by John’s designs, we leapt at the opportunity to offer Fluevogs to the Melbourne scene. Since opening in Degraves Street in 2009, that location was the beating heart of the soleDevotion community.

My fondest memories are more a collective appreciation of our fabulously creative and undeniably stylish customers. Drawn from all corners of Australia, our ‘soleDevotees’ were a constant source of inspiration and their keen sense of individual style and modern outlook on fashion helped us create a community with shared values and a true love for unique handmade shoes.

Favourite Fluevog memory?

There are so many! Any new season delivery was always a thrill – the shop floor would be filled to the ceiling with countless shipping cartons. It was always exciting to see our dazzling new Fluevog creations and I fondly recall enthusiastic whoops from staff as their new favourite pair of Vogs emerged from the chaos and within seconds miraculously found their way onto feet. There’s little better than a new shoe day!

It was a real treat welcoming John and Ruth to the shop a few years back. In a flash of inspiration I asked John if he’d like to graffiti a message on our back wall and he graciously accepted the challenge. Yet as he teetered on an 8-foot ladder and stretched dangerously outwards to finish his “Get Fluevog’d” tag, I remember covering my face with my hand and thinking, “This might not end well…”. I needn’t have worried, John’s supreme athleticism, poise under pressure and magnificent summer tan ensured he dismounted like an Olympic gymnast before standing back to admire his handiwork.  

Can you tell us a little about your Fluevog customers over the years?

I think it’s fair to say that John Fluevog is a cultural icon and his ability to connect emotionally through his designs is something both beautiful and profound. The global community of followers John has created is a tremendous achievement – that his shoes bring people together from all walks of life is something to treasure. I imagine Australian Fluevog fans, including myself, are much like Fluevog communities around the world – bright and fun-loving souls who appreciate independent design and bright splashes of colour. I’m excited for all local Fluevog fans that they’ll finally have a store to call their own.

What’s next for you?

After a long stretch in retail I’m looking forward to a little downtime before developing some ideas I’ve been sitting on for a while. I’m also keen for a very long bike ride through some remote areas of the country – nothing better than fresh air, blue skies and unchartered countryside to recharge the body and mind!

Many thanks to Andrew and the entire soleDevotion community! For the latest news on the Melbourne store opening, scroll down and sign up to be on our mailing list!

— Team Fluevog


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