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JJ Bean Celebrates 40 Years Of Fluevog With Special Roast

West coast shoe designer John Fluevog is pleased to announce a very exciting new collaboration with JJ Bean Coffee Roasters. Arriving this Spring is The Coffee Tenango Shoe, inspired by another Spring arrival, a special new Reserve coffee roasted by JJ Bean in celebration of 40 Years of Fluevog.

John loves coffee. He can often be found in the back of a café in some far off part of the world sketching new shoe ideas. When at home, that café, more often than not, ends up being a JJ Bean Café. Ironically enough, John Neate started JJ Bean, and all of his employees wear, or have worn shoes.

“The idea just bubbled up that it would be fun to link our two organizations in some way. As it often does with people, this sort of thing can happen naturally when there is what appears to be a shared vibe or feel”, comments John Fluevog.

“Although we’re biased, we really view the whole process of roasting and enjoying some of the world’s best coffees as being a very Soulful experience”, says John Neate. “Needless to say, we were excited about linking up with such a creative Soulman who takes the quality of his work as seriously as we do.”

Once John N got John F up to speed on the delicate balance of roasting, the two started cupping, tasting and crust breaking until the wee hours of the morning. “It was a real education”, commented Fluevog. “I’ll certainly think of coffee a little differently from now on.”

This single origin Guatemalan coffee exemplifies all that is sought after in great Central American coffees. It is very clean, with a refined acidity and a rich, nutty character. As Neate put it, “now this is coffee with soul.”

Fluevog’s Tenango design (named after the origin of the Fluevog Roast: Huehuetenango) passionately brewed into a bright tea-strap heel that has floral notes of a lively buttery sweetness, and features the 3″ leather wrapped Coffee heel. Finished with sexy Cairo imprinted leathers and patent trims, the Tenango heel is now being served at all Fluevog locations. Just like the bean that it was inspired by and named after, the Tenango is a delicious single origin shoe roasted to Fluevogian perfection.

The Special Reserve Fluevog Roast of Huehuetenango will be available in all JJ Bean locations, all North American John Fluevog stores, and online at

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