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Many of you have had a lot to say after experiencing yesterday’s history making Fluevog website crash. We hear you, we feel you and we are truly sorry for any and all frustrations caused. Though we knew there was lots of interest in the pre-sale and did what we thought was our best to prepare for that, it was never our intention for the process to be difficult and we plan on learning from this error. 

The good news is that as a community we raised money for some people who really need it, and raised awareness about their cause. Big highfives to everyone who made alternative or additional donations to FoodBanks BC following the pre-sale. We’ve so appreciated being a part of this project and are working hard on many more Fluevog shoes and other fun projects for the future. Please stay tuned for those.

Without further ado, we wanted to answer some of your most common inquiries following the pre-sale.

I’m not sure if my pre-order went through. Can you check for me? 

All successful pre-orders for the Dr. Henry shoe will have received additional email confirmations as of Friday, April 24th. (Don’t forget to check your junk/spam box!) Congratulations to you if you were one of these lucky people!  

Can you make more Dr. Henry Limited Editions and/or have another pre-sale? 

The short answer is no. To understand why, you need to be aware of our limitations during this current pandemic. All Fluevogs are handmade in small runs, which is what makes them so special. Many factories and tanneries at the moment are closed or have limited staff. Knowing that there was lots of interest in The Dr. Henry shoe, we were able to secure the materials and manpower to produce a larger amount of pairs than normal for this pre-sale, however as our resources are limited, so is our ability to produce additional pairs. 

Can you make more Dr. Henry shoes in another colourway?

While this is something we would love to do in the future, due to the production limitations discussed above, we are unable to guarantee that this will happen at this time. Know that we are keen and hopeful — about everything these days — and we hope you’re hopeful too!

Can you make a shoe inspired by someone else we all love? 

The short answer to this is: Yes, John does that all the time! We’ve been receiving lots of requests for John to design more shoes inspired by other leaders during this pandemic and we thank you all for them. We’re going to focus on the projects we have at hand at the moment, but John is always grateful for your voices and is taking all of your feedback into consideration.

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