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Random Acts of Fluevog


We spend every day stressing about money and work — this Fluevog Day, relieve yourself a little and give someone a dollar, or a hug, or a hi 5, or….? List it anonymously and we can watch Fluevogers positivify the world.

Random Acts of Fluevog

The person in line in front of me at my college forgot their wallet, so I bought the exam booklet they needed for them.

Santa Cruz

I took the time to mentor someone today. To raise their spirits and make sure they know they are valued.


I've done a bulletin board at my daughter's school every month for two years now, to celebrate all the students' birthdays. Always original!

Campbell River

I was gifted by headspace 3 mos. of meditation. An artist I follow on FB had a REAL bad day yesterday, she now has 3 months free meditation

Pender Island

I purchased a coffee and shared a philosophical conversation with a stranger, and volunteered for an hour to teach dance young teen girls

Thunder Bay, Ontario

Brought a big bowl of fruit in to work - no reason - just a Monday morning treat for the staff (on an otherwise grey and rainy day)!

Sidney, BC

Driving along the highway, I came upon a two collision car accident. There were children in both cars. People were standing just wat hung but not helping . I got out of my car , ran over to both cars to see if everyone was ok. A little girl was hur badly. I stayed with her An family until officials came . I assured her that everything would be ok.


Happy #fluevogday 2 my Lyft driver $10 tip for a $13 fare.


I packed my boyfriend lunch for work! Proper nutrition = Happier People = More Fluevogers Positivifying the World.


I went around making people smile with the sight of my shoes 🙂 (everyone needs more smiles today!)


Brought cupcakes to work today to help give a sweet start to the week to my fellow teachers as we slog toward the end of the school year.

San Francisco

If only Fluevog would color and light up life here in Europe too...
Continue to spread will conquer the world!

Strasbourg FRANCE

Paying it forward to a struggling and inspiring student, covering half her textbooks for this semester. #whatcomesaroundgoesaround


I love to flue-mule for my friend who wears a size 5 - on Fluevog Day I help her get her favorite shoe from the store instead of online.

Grass Valley

I just bought a Cubist Cupcake Show Charm for my amazing sister - a fellow Fluevoger. She is the best sister and deserves the best charm! 😀


We spend so much of our time worrying about things that may or may not happen that we forget to live fully in the moment.
Just love.


I just bought a Cubist Cupcake Show Charm for my amazing sister - a fellow Fluevoger. She is the best sister and deserves the best charm! 😀


Due to aging my feet no longer bend to fit into my Opera Fluevogs so I gave them to a friend for a wedding and told her to keep them 🙂


I always carry love packs in my car to hand out to homeless people: money, toothbrush/paste, snacks, etc. Or I buy them food if I am out.


Creating art to abandon and leave for others to find.


I came out of hospital yesterday &saw a girl sitting by the door, sobbing quietly. My nurse had given me sunflower. I put it in girls arms.


I donate money every week, to various causes, institutions, and individuals, just because it makes me feel good. I call it selfish altruism.


My random act of Fluevog , I bought two homeless men a coffee and a donut !! I say there go but for the grace of God!!❤️❤️


When people look down or uncomfortable, I find something to complement them on. Like, I love your dress, etc.


coffees for the team!


Random Acts of Fluevog 2016

I bought my boyfriend his 1st pair of Vogs today!


I love the staff at the gastown location. I offered to grab one of them coffee before the end of IFD because she was so helpful.

North Vancouver

The community on the Facebook group Fluezies is very positive and helpful. Even helping Fort Mac people replace their lost fluevogs.

North Vancouver

Brought my bestie to Fluevog Day festivities and she picked up her second pair 🙂


I always save up my old towels and blankets for a local dog rescue rather than tossing them. Adopt a homeless pet!


I have been knitting blankets for the homeless for one and a half years. Now I'm knitting Bumblebee scarves to fundraise and save the bees.


Our elderly neighbours have been struggling with upkeep on their home, we spend time with them every weekend helping them with their chores


I am a senior citizen and love helping out less fortunate seniors by baking for them and taking them grocery shopping weekly.


Helping out at church by doing dishes, running after children and cleaning up so the elderly and pregnant mothers get a bit of a break

Matheson, ON

I send little love notes to my granddaughters with drawings and other small pieces of art. I like to smile from my heart!


Entertained a small child for a few minutes so it's mother could Have some peace


Friend in another town is laid up for a month from leg surgery. Bought him grocery delivery so he doesn't have to go out shopping.

Alexandria, VA

So many homeless!Breaks my heart. Bought breakfast sandwiches and distributed.To acknowlede they exist often makes their day better.


I am creating a beautiful garden others can enjoy while walking down the street....the smell of roses will hit them first....


I love to do random acts of kindness. The smile and delight of each person warms my heart!!
Pay It Foward Everyone!!


Belle Fourche

I smile at everyone I meet. I'm amazed at how you can light up someone's day with good morning/ good afternoon. We're all in this together

Olympia Washington

With the tragically fire in Fort Mac. My kindness was donating money, time and items for those in need. Giving support and love.


I would buy a bottle of water and a chicken salad sandwich for this one homeless woman in my neighborhood several times a month.


During the Fort McMurray fires, 3 members of Fluezies lost all their Fluevogs or escaped with a few. I raised money to help build it again.


During the Fort McMurray, 3 members of Fluezies lost all their Fluevogs or escaped with a few. I raised money to help build it again, $1100.


Complimented a lady today on her infectious laugh making her laugh even harder and had her blushing a deep red. It was wonderful-What joy!


I sometimes pay for the groceries of an elderly person ahead of me at the market. I sometimes let in a "budger" jumping the traffic queue.


I sometimes plug expired meters with change to avoid their receiving a ticket or open doors for the elderly or mothers with accoutrement.


Almost every Friday, after my spa treatment, I buy and take in 3 orchids or 3 small sprays of orchids for the 2 spa stylists and the owners.


Love fluevog since the overcraft shoe days the uniqueness and originality of the designs


Love fluevog since the overcraft shoe days the uniqueness and originality of the designs


Helped a shoe toting stranger at the airport who neede a bag to carry them...handed her one of my FLUEVOG shopping bags! XO

Las Vegas

Random Acts of Fluevog 2015

Recycled vintage teacups headed for the trash. Turned them into chic flower pots and handed them out on Mother's Day!

Lynnwood, wa

Spent Mother's Day with a friend who recently lost her mum. We had fun being surrogate mums for each other - and my Avas were a hit!

Melbourne, Australia

I get excited in the fluevogged store. I purchas a pair of shoes that were a bit too small. I gAVE them to a friend. They are her best shoes


Bought my working hard niece a trip to Portland to visit her cousins

Sherman Oaks

Today I bought my co-worker a bag of chips and cigarettes. And it made his day!


helped my neighbour get a ride to the next town this morning. offered a grad a free dress for graduation.

northern bc

Volunteered to help chaperone 65 second-graders on field trip to the zoo today!

Santa Clara

I searched for a year and my burgandy Caravaggio Vogs, were the perfect wedding shoes for me. Thank you Fluevog, you made my special day.


Fed the expired parking meter of the car behind me. Meter maid was a few cars away writing tickets.


This afternoon I helped a woman chase (and retrieve) her runaway dog


I woke up early today and made some wholesome yet yummy muffins for my co-workers. I did it in style wearing my Bobbi boots. Oh so tasty.


I woke up early today and made some wholesome yet yummy muffins for my co-workers. I did it in style wearing my Bobbi boots. Oh so tasty.


I helped out my daughter buy the limited 45's shoes.

St Thomas

I just returned home to find the best gift eva! My husband bought me a pair of awesome Mezzo Ribbon Mary Janes....just because.


On this first anniversary of my mother's death, spent time with someone who just lost her mom


Smiling through other people's shenanigans.

Still smiling.


I met up with a canadian fluevog lover who was selling some amazing boots, bought and ships for a U.S. friend. Flue-mule.

New Westminster

I pretended not to see her picking her nose.


Loaded a Starbucks card with money. Post it on my Instagram and offered people a free beverage on me. It's traveled all over US and Canada.

Edmonds WA

I smiled at everyone and let people in my lane along my commute to work today!


My Fluevog shoes makes me happy!


Complimented a stranger on her amazing wardrobe choices!


Fluevog store staff + community of Fluevog have given me more than they'd ever know besides cool shoes. #community #artsyshoes #gratitude


I brought my co-workers donuts and coffee!


Taking my co-star to your opening In Venice. Hoping your random act of Fleuvog will be shoes in Bird of Paradise on the Sunset Limited. XO

Los Angeles, CA

am doing my family's laundry today and hanging it out on the clothesline to dry. the smell of sunshine will be in on the sheets tonight!


Spent 5 minutes with my two young girls saving all the worms from a tragic death on our driveway this morning.


complimented my collegue on her embraceable peculiarity-- made her laugh so hard her tea came out her nose.


complimented my collegue on her embraceable peculiarity-- made her laugh so hard her tea came out her nose.


Complimented my boss today!

Vancouver, BC

Sneaking to yoga to give me a break, then showing up at a friend's house to help her move. Only the start. Time left for more random acts!

Orange, CA

I brought my co-workers donuts and coffee!


Surprising my bestie with breakfast tacos in bed.


I gave someone (who looked like they needed it) my freshly brewed cup of coffee


I always give my fiancé a kiss before leaving in the morning, and hug my cat. I tell them I love them, and it helps positively start my day.

Providence, RI

A wave and a smile for my bus driver, two bucks for a regular street guy, but such warmth in return - well rewarded for the simple stuff.


I have given my beautiful sister a reading with a medium today for her birthday gift.

Moncton NB

I try to buy a homeless person a warm meal when its cold and something refreshing when it's hot. Don't ignore any person.


I told my Sophmore son this morning, if he passes his AP world history exam, I'll buy him his first pair of Fluevogs.

Port Gamble, WA

I stopped and picked up a croissant sandwich for myself and one for the homeless man at the corner sitting peacefully sipping coffee.

El Paso

I led my co-workers in some morning stretches, then treated everyone with some chocolate!

Winnipeg. MB

DONATE YOUR OLD SHOES to the CHARITY, then call JF and get yourself a pair
JF 45th Anniversary birthday shoes. Everyday is a birthday!!!

Agoura Hills CA

When I was visiting LA last week, a homeless man at the bus stop was so helpful at giving me directions, that I gave him $5.

Port Washington, WI

Dropped a couple of chocolate eggs in my kid's lunch today, he is going to FREAK OUT!

Midland, Ontario, Canada

I brought my coworker coffee at work this morning!
Everyone needs a boost at 6:30am! 🙂

Winnipeg, MB

I woke up early to make lunch for my boyfriend to bring to work.


drumming classes with our servicemen and women...Oh fluevog people of love, come join us one Monday night and bring your awesomeness.


I bought breakfast for a homeless teen.


i paid the shortfall for a pensioner in the food store so she could keep both her protein and her fruit as she tried to decide what to leave


allow life to interrupt your regular scheduled to dos, to instead do something off the beaten path for a stranger. It will be spectacular!


I have been cheering on, conversing with, and listening to my many in-laws as they weather a life changing challenge. Everyone needs to be heard. Listening is easier in Fluevogs.


Telling my Special Needs Neice Happy 16th Birthday. Her daddy passed away from Cancer 7 mos ago and this is her first birthday without him.

Arcata, Ca

Volunteering at the local meditation centre for the next 5 days. Sitting around doing nothing & loving it!


This is True.


I drive my friends crazy talking about Fluevogs. I take my visitors to the Gastown store on my city tour!!! They love it.


I distributed bouquets of flowers to random elderly women.

Atlanta, GA

Put away my coworkers' dishes! (Again!)


I shared my snacks with my co-workers


Cut the grass for my neighbour.

North Battleford

Gave puppy kisses to a stranger.



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