Strappy leather ankle boot



Strappy leather ankle boot

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Sun-soaked sidewalks are considered difficult terrain for the dark, brooding boots of the wintery rock and roll, which is why John set out to create a style to encourage the ladies of music to step out of the cool, dimly lit basement venues and into the sunshine. This sexy, open-sided, summery boot features a 1.5" heel and gunmetal mushroom stud fasteners. The Truth Bekkie is a wicked little boot ready to fill the void of warm-weathered, killer cool styles. Truth and integrity since 1970.

Check out #vog_bekkie to see them in the wild!


Sun-soaked sidewalks are considered difficult terrain for the dark, brooding boots of the wintery rock and roll, which is why John set out to create a style to encourage the ladies of music to step out of the cool, dimly lit basement venues and into the sunshine. This sexy, open-sided, summery boot features a 1.5" heel and gunmetal mushroom stud fasteners. The Truth Bekkie is a wicked little boot ready to fill the void of warm-weathered, killer cool styles. Truth and integrity since 1970.

Check out #vog_bekkie to see them in the wild!

22 Reviews

  • Not impressed with craftsmanship

    I’d wanted these boots for four or five years and *finally* splurged for them. They’re beautiful in person, but there are a lot of little issues with my pair that leave me feeling a little bit disappointed.

    One of the rivets holding the mushroom post on my left shoe isn’t smooth on the inside and caused a bunch of skin abrasion until I applied moleskin to the back. Not a dealbreaker, but also not something I was expecting for the price. The back seams of the left shoe are also weirdly scratchy.

    The right side is fine, but there’s a rough and pointy little patch along the top of the heel part. I don’t know what I can do to make this more comfortable. I could try sanding it down?? Is that allowed on leather??

    Also, my right shoe is *way* tighter than my left. Maybe my right foot is substantially bigger all of a sudden? I’ve never experienced this before. It’s genuinely painful to stand in these because of the tightness. I’m trying to stretch them with a hairdryer, but they’re nowhere near comfortable so far :(

    Courtney (Ohio)

    August 20, 2023

  • LOVE THESE. Wear them to bed. (just kidding).


    May 24, 2022

  • Best summer boot ever

    I bought these in black and absolutely lovvve them. I call them my summer boots. I wear them barefoot and are sooo comfortable. Can run around all day in them no problem. One of my favourite vogs

    Shea (Ontario)

    September 5, 2021

  • Smashing!

    I bought these in red. I did size up, but they are so comfortable and all-day wearable.

    Every time I wear them someone comments on my shoes. Doesn't get better than that.

    Trying to stop myself getting another pair in blue.


    August 24, 2021

  • Nothing better ever!

    I have had these for about 4 years now. They’ve been all over Europe with me and I can walk forever in them. Coming back for more!

    Jean Kamens (NC)

    July 23, 2021

  • Absolutely amazeballs

    So, so, so perfect! They're sexy, gorgeous, and even practical (gasp). The leather is sooo soft, I didn't even need to break them in, just wore them immediately. I am usually a Fluevog 11, I have a wide foot, high instep and un-thin ankles. Sized up to a 12 and they are tremendous. Love, love, love them! I can't wait for warmer weather so I can get out in them.

    Sarah Kelly (Amsterdam)

    February 3, 2021

  • Bekkie

    I now have 3 pairs of these fabulous shoes! I bought the Red first, then snapped up the 2 new colors Pink, Blue. I usually take a 9 1/2 in most Fluevogs, but these fit perfectly in a size 9. So excited to find some beautiful footwear with a pointy toe that I can actually be comfortable in. The Pink online looks Mauve but in person is more Pink. Happy about the color. The Blue is a beautiful color as well and will look so great with Denim.

    Nadine Mennear (Langley)

    January 30, 2021


    I wore the red Bekkie all day at work, and my feet remained happy! A colleague remarked how "wicked" they are! The Truths family is awesome: the low heel does not at all diminish their attitude--the perfect family for my problematic feet! My white croc Alishas are size 8 which is my street size, but I went up to 8.5 for the red Bekkie because it's a different material, and it fits like a glove!

    Lorrena (Victoria)

    November 29, 2020

  • GREAT! In every way!

    I bought the red ones - is it crazy to buy the black ones too?!?

    I'm an 11 / 11.5 in Fluevogs and 11.5 worked with some stretching. I have wide feet and these are definitely narrow. (I bought the Colleens and Alishas - in the same family I believe - and had to go up to a 12.)

    I love the heel - easy to walk in. The overall look and feel is just amazing! After 1 day of wearing them around, they're totally comfortable.

    These are great every day shoes that are so versatile. LOVE THEM!

    Jennifer (Gastown - Vancouver)

    September 17, 2020

  • Luv These Yet Front Pointed Front-Toes are Turning - Any Suggestions

    My first Flogs and I love the leather, a bit of effort to put on; did go 1/2 size down to 8.5, which is fine ... I've only worn around house on carpet and super comfy yet the Ptd. Front-Toes are Turning=Not Staying Straight...Any suggestions ???

    Would have loved If the black also came with the suede accents !

    What happened to the Silver ones? Would love those as well ;)

    Roz (Orange County, Calif.)

    June 16, 2020

  • Nice, funky and comfortable

    I tried them on thinking it wouldn’t fit on my wide foot and surprisingly when i tried them on, these pairs fit my feet very good. They are very comfortable, soft leather so no worries about breaking in.

    I get lots of compliments when i wear them. Amd the staff at the Gastown, Vancouver location is the best. They are very helpful and passionate towards helping the customers. John Fluvog is lucky to have them as his employees.

    Simer (Gastown- Vancouver)

    February 5, 2019

  • Bekkie true love

    my second pair of vogs I ordered within 11 days. love the style although I haven't worn pointed toes for years.

    open boots without freezing off your toes: GREAT! (and we still have about 15°C here in Vienna! (Nov.2018)

    they fit TTS for me. I wear them with a thin sock which only covers my toes and balls to break them in. they are a little bit firm when putting them on first but after walking a few meters they are very comfy.

    first I was afraid that I couldn't close the last strap cos of my sturdy legs but managed to use the last hole.

    as I read in another review: a Fluevog store in Vienna would be nice and surely successful :)

    firesnake (Vienna/Austria)

    November 5, 2018

  • Silver shines

    I got these in the silver about a year and half ago when it was still available. The first couple times I wore them they cut in on the piece that goes up the foot before the straps right where it meets the sole. But they stretched and broke in quickly and now I have no problems with them. I have 13 pairs of Fluevogs and most of them are a size 6.5 including these.

    Christina (Denver)

    June 26, 2018

  • Bekkie

    I bought these from Fluevog stockist Raspberry Heels in Poland. [40% off Christmas sale] I got them in a 7 - my bare foot is 23.3 cm and I mostly fit a 6.5, 7 or 7.5 in Vogs. These fit me well, I love the shape of them -classic yet funky and goth all rolled into one.

    Jane (Auckland New Zealand)

    January 7, 2018

  • I have wanted a pair of these from the moment I saw them online but worried the pointy toe would look ridiculous on a size 11 foot. Not so! They are gorgeous! and are like wearing kid (glove) leather slippers. They are 'slip on' but you definitely want to undo all 3 studs when you take them off to avoid stretching the soft leather beyond the shape of your foot. As a musician, I also LOVE the description about encouraging 'ladies of music' and look forward to wearing these on stage often! Thank you JF for (re)opening a store in Victoria, BC!

    Shelly Marie (Victoria)

    August 20, 2017

  • Shoes do not fit big

    I read some of the reviews which said that the Bekkie shoe fit big/wide, so I ordered a 0.5 size smaller than I normally wear. Well, I ordered an 8.5 and they are far too small. The shoe fits tight and they are not a "slip on" shoe as some reviews may have implied - the elastic bands along the ankle do not stretch to accommodate your foot - I had to undo the mushroom stud fasteners to put the shoe on. If you have a regular width or wide foot, do not go down a half size, at the very least, purchase your regular size or go up 0.5 size.

    Since I ordered the shoe online, I now have to ship them back to the originating in-store location. Hoping the return goes smoothly and a size 9 fits.


    June 29, 2017

  • I Adore These Boots!

    I have worn these shoes for two days in a row - one for 12 hours, one for 16 hours. No blisters, sore spots, rubbing, anything. They felt fabulous from the moment I slipped them on my feet. And this is from someone who has endless difficulty finding shoes that fit, are comfortable, stay on firmly, and are badass. I wear and 11 or 12 narrow shoe. I was concerned about the width having read previous reviews, but these are perfect! no stretching out, either. I would wear them everyday, and then to bed if I could. These boots rock, and feed my badass, rebel soul!

    Kathleen (Boston)

    October 24, 2016

  • there's a lot of stretch in these! some of it comfy, some of it bad.

    the leather is SOFT. no worries about needing to break these in.

    however, they stretch like crazy! they fit my narrow foot perfectly when i first tried them on in the store, but after a few hours of walking on the street, my feet were swimming and I had to tighten the straps down to their tightest setting.

    I would say that these fit wide, especially once broken in.

    not so visible in the pics is that the straps are actually attached to the shoe via elastic stretchy strips. it's not leather on leather, but leather on cheap elastic band on leather.

    alas, these elastics stretched out/lost their stretch on one shoe by the end of the second day that I wore them, and I had to take them in to a shop to be fixed. after two days of wear and these are expensive!! the leather is so soft, I suspect that they would still be as comfortable without the elastic, and they'd have better longevity.

    potentially of interest to people who picnic and sit on the ground here and there is that the stud fasteners can make sitting cross legged uncomfortable.


    April 11, 2016


    Who knew about silver leather! These are my eighth pair of vogs. I knew as soon as I slipped them on that they were about to get a new home. I wore them for 5 days straight. No rubbing, no hurts, just pure comfort. And such style! I have gotten sooo many compliments - some random man in the shopping mall oohed and ahhed and he didn't look like a fashionista either. I had to rush right out and buy a silver bag....

    Michelle (Sidney)

    February 23, 2016

  • These Boots were Made for Walking

    The day I bought them, I took off my ugly loafers with custom orthotics that were killing my feet, put on Bekkies and shopped for the next 6 hours up and down Queen Street in Toronto. Since then they've walked from Westminster to Tower Bridge in London, and from Sacre Couer to the Louvre in Paris. And everytime I look down at my feet I CAN'T BELIEVE how cool they look and still feel this comfortable! It's like .... magic!

    (BTW, I have duck feet too...)

    Stella (Sudbury)

    October 19, 2015

  • Event make my goofy wide feet look good!

    I've been admiring these on other "fluezies" feet online for a couple of weeks now, and finally got to try them on. For too many times than I care to remember, I see great shoes that I can't wear because of my duck feet. But these ... these made them look sleek and stylin. AND they're comfy to boot ;)

    I found them to fit true to size, but I got a ½ size bigger for the pointy toe.

    PS. and I love the stud fasteners!

    Karen (Boston)

    March 1, 2015

  • Perfect!

    I originally picked these up and commented to my partner that I loved them, but that they'd never fit my wide-ish foot.

    Then the sweet enabler (staff member) at Granville brought them out just for fun.

    Well - they came home with me. They fit my wide foot and were extremely comfortable - a 10 hour first day wear.

    Try them. You'll love them.

    Angie (New Westminster)

    February 8, 2015

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