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Francesco Bonvecchio

Francesco Bonvecchio


Francesco is a freelance graphic designer based in Italy. As a kid, he remembered how much he loved to draw. He attended an art high school and then continued his education in graphic design to enhance and further develop his skills and passion. His specialities range from commercial design, illustration, and graffiti to photography and video edition. Francesco believes that the contamination between different creative skills and explorations can lead to interesting and unexpected results.


On entering the contest:

I stumbled across the contest three days before the deadline. The design brief and the shoe really intrigued my creativity. 

Fluevog is very new to me, but I’m ready to become an official Fluevoger! After seeing the brief, I knew this was an opportunity for me to use my creativity. The idea for my piece popped up almost immediately in my mind and I got to work right away. 

On his winning design:

The moment I saw The Scheme shoe, I fell in love with it. The shape! The colours! I thought this was a very elegant and feminine shoe, but also very unique and eye-catching. The pattern is vibrant, fun and carnival like. From there, I was inspired to create a piece that can communicate the feelings that I experience when I look at the design – a woman wearing a mask. 


What was the creative process for Geometric Look?:

To clearly emphasize the shoe, I started my artwork with the shoe drawing. I used a mix of digital colours (flat and halftone screen) and ink washes. Slowly, I worked towards the background pattern. I was careful to create unity for this piece – the background pattern and colours are take directly from the shoe. I finished the piece by adding a touch of red cheek. Although I wasn’t sure if it’d work at first, the red cheek brings attention and character to the woman in the image. 



How would you describe your style?

Most of my work is a mix of organic/hand-drawn lines, textures, ink and digital drawing. Nowadays, my artwork is digitally heavy, but my passion for illustration started with hand-drawn work. I like to mix elements that are digitally generated and elements that are created by hand. I’m exploring colours in my artwork. 

cheap festival poster

What are your dreams?

My dream is to continue to transform my passion into my work, continue to love what I do, and keep on doing what I love!

Francesco’s Portfolio

Keep an eye out in Vice, Applied Arts, and Bust magazines for Francesco’s design in print.

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