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Fluevog Shoes

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Haley Grison

Haley Grison


Haley Grison is a Chicago-based illustrator, designer, and creative problem solver finishing her education at the American Academy of Art. Upon receiving her BFA in Illustration, Haley plans to join a creative team at an advertising agency. Being able to work in any given style is part of what pushes Haley to take on a variety of different projects and creative challenges!

How long have you been Fluevogin’ for?

I’m actually quite new to Fluevog. I discovered Fluevog about two years ago when my peers enlisted my help to vote for their submissions to Fluevog Creative. I don’t own a pair (yet) but there are a few I’ve been keeping my eye on. How could you not be astonished by these original and unique shoes? My combat boots are my everyday go-to but I will definitely be expanding my boot collection.


Thoughts on entering the contest:

My advertising instructor took advantage of the opportunity to create a Fluevog Ad as an assignment for our class. We were given a relatively short turn-around time to complete the advertisement from sketching stages to final art. Once I had my composition set, the painting process completely consumed me; I love being able to render realistically while incorporating minuscule, intricate details.

On her winning design, Dreaming the Impossible:

Immediately upon seeing the Fairway Trivialis, I knew what I wanted to do for my design. There’s no denying these shoes are funky. Their bright colors and wavy details inspired me to go incredibly surreal and whimsical with the concept. This quirky shoe is just as unique as the wearer and going off of that, I created Dreaming the Impossible. The most exciting aspect of this piece is the way everyone interprets it differently.


Apart from art and design, what do you like to do for fun?

Adventuring. Whether that means exploring places I’ve never been, eating at a new restaurant, or being in a room full of strangers, I love gaining new and unexpected experiences. I have a couple of friends that always help push me into unpredictable situations and I truly revel in these encounters.


What are your dreams?

Being able to do a little bit of everything is what drives my work into such varying directions. My most successful ideas and compositions come from collaborations with other creatives. Bouncing ideas and objectives off one another as a team is what I hope to do on a daily basis. Being able to work on a variety of different projects for an agency is the ultimate goal.

Check out Haley’s portfolio for more of her work!

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