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Open Source Footwear

Open Source Footwear

Your ideas could become actual shoes

Taking a page from Open Source Software, Open Source Footwear gives everyone a chance to have a say in the shoes they want to see. All you need is an idea. Click the Submit Your Design button below to sign in and send away! If John’s inspired by your design, he’ll turn it into a real shoe, add it to the collection, name it after you, and send you a pair! Pretty neat, right?

Will I be rich?
Quite possibly, but probably not from this. Nobody gets paid for Open Source Footwear designs because nobody owns them. Once you send us your design, it becomes public domain and freely available to all. We may use the whole thing, base a design of our own on it, or just use a part of it in one of John’s own designs.

Will I be famous?
Even better. You’ll be Fluevog Design Alumni. We’ll name the shoe after you and tell the world. We’ll also put you on our website, so get into that photo booth and smile!

Will I be pretty?
Ask your Mother.

How do I send it in?
The submission form is located in your personal Fluevog Account. Once you’ve clicked the link and signed in, you’ll be directed to a quick and easy submission form!

How detailed does my design have to be?
We don’t care if it’s on a bar napkin, as long as we can make it out. Even if it’s just part of a shoe, it doesn’t matter; send it in!

What exactly do I get if I’m chosen?
You mean, besides becoming Fluevog Design Alumni? You’ll get a free pair of your shoes, of course! Plus, they’ll be named after you (or a second name choice of yours) and a bio proclaiming your amazing talents in our Chosen section.

When does John decide the chosen?
There isn’t any specific deadline for Open Source Footwear submissions. When John sees something he likes, he grabs it. He’ll also pay attention to a design that is getting lots of love from fellow Fluevogers, so get in there and start liking your favourites!

What is Open Source?
Without Open Source Software, this whole concept wouldn’t exist. If you want to find more about the real thing, here’s a great place to start.

Where can I send questions or feedback about Open Source Footwear?
Please contact us by email us if you have any questions about Open Source Footwear.

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