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Samantha Zaza

Samantha Zaza

From my very first pair of Merrilees [also an OpenSourceFootwear shoe!], I have been in love with Fluevogs. Three years later, and my Vog collection continues to grow. I live in San Francisco and my feet are my “sole” method of transport, so I was thrilled to find shoes that are not only gorgeous, but also comfortable and tough. My favourite Vogs are my Operetta Giulias – I have two pairs with paper-thin soles! I wanted to design a shoe that was stylish with a low heel, something for conquering the hills. I love maryjanes and oxfords, and spats have always intrigued me, so I tried to come up with a shoe that combined elements of these styles. Before going to bed one night, I doodled my shoe idea on the back of an appliance manual that was nearby. Having my little drawing realized- the thought that my shoe is going to be a Fluevog and worn by stylish people all over the world- has made me the happiest girl! I am thrilled beyond belief!

zaza-img1 zaza-img2
Currently I work as a graphic designer, and spend every other moment painting and drawing ( Two of my latest series of drawings are “Angry Women in Party Dresses” and “Coup,” portraits of pigeons in Napoleonic military uniforms. I regularly show work in San Francisco and recently had some pieces in a New York exhibition. I dream of one day of flying to Beijing and taking the Trans-Mongolian railway to Moscow… in Fluevogs. Fluevog Mini Zaza


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