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25 foot tall multichromatic Christmas tree on display at Fluevog Gastown


December 2019 — John Fluevog Shoes

This holiday season, John Fluevog Shoes Gastown is debuting a completely one-of-a-kind, custom built Christmas tree. Designed by Fluevog’s in-house 3D design team, the tree stands 25ft tall and is inspired by the cathedral-like ceiling of Fluevog Gastown itself. Far from your average holiday decor, the spinning, rebuildable and reusable tree consists of geometrically segmented wood pieces with 204 acrylic panels and dichroic film inserts that allow the tree to sparkle multi-chromatically like no other.

Crafted with help and parts from Willow & Stump Design Co., Multigraphics Ltd. and 3M, this 3D creation won’t be up for long! Visit Fluevog Gastown this December to marvel at the tree in person and perhaps take one too many #vog_tree selfies with it.

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