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What kind of materials does Fluevog use in their shoes?

We believe that leather offers the best protection, breathability and durability for footwear. Fluevog primarily uses cow leather, but we also use calf, sheep or pigskin lining for all of our footwear. Our leathers are sourced from all over the world, from Argentina to Brazil, Peru, China, Mexico, Spain, Portugal and Italy. The leathers are all individually unique in their characteristics, and vary in everything from high-end European materials to hand-finished leathers. For example, the leathers used for production in Vietnam are some of the best leathers found in Europe; and the leathers used in production in Peru and Mexico are from the factories own tanneries, who use local hides.

In the last few years, we have been using eco-friendly, vegetable-tanned leathers wherever we can and because it is an industry that is still growing, we will be using more as new options in the industry become available.

Our soles come in a variety of different materials, depending on how we want the shoe to look and perform. For example, a dress shoe will use leather soles or Tunite (a rubber mixture produced in Portugal). Our soles can also be 100% biodegradable Havea tree latex, sapped from the Havea tree in Vietnam. Almost all of our shoes are cemented using water-based glues, and our boxes are recycled materials printed with soy-based inks.

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