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Fluevog Post Interview: Jason in Chicago

[This interview first appeared in Issue 8 of The Fluevog Post (Spring/Summer 2017)] 

Jason Branson, Fluevog Chicago Manager
Years with Fluevog: 2

Where are you from?
I’m originally from Indianapolis but my retail career has taken me on a bit of a journey. I spent five years in Boston and eleven in New York working for a number of different retailers before landing in Chicago three years ago.

What are your favorite pairs right now for men and women?
Mens: The Derby Swirl. It’s me in a nutshell.
Womens: Hands down, The Bekkie.

What were your first pair of Fluevogs?
The Blake. I’m a combat boot type of guy.

Describe Chicago in a nutshell
Chicago is like a tiny, midwestern version of New York.

Chicago favorites for:
Sightseeing: The Art Institute of Chicago is like my second home. I’m there every week and I find that there’s always something new, unique and inspiring to see.
Food: The Handlebar and Kitchen 17 are two of my favorites for vegan-friendly fare that’s delicious for everyone. Get the fried pickles at The Handlebar.
Relaxing: Lake Michigan

Something that would surprise people about Chicago:
I think we have a pretty surprising amount of high quality dining and 5-star restaurants in Chicago. The food here could easily rival that of any major city in the world.

What is your favorite Fluevog Store (other than your own)?
The Distillery store in Toronto. It’s just phenomenal. I love the city, I love the store and Andrew always makes me smile.

Something that would surprise people about you:
I have never been to a hair salon.

Favorite part of working for Fluevog?
The work-life balance is what I really needed, but I think what I most appreciate is that I just get to be me.

Top three next travel destinations?
Prague, Berlin and possibly Krakow!

Strangest pronunciation of Fluevog you’ve heard?
“Flueshove” definitely raised a few eyebrows.

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