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Future of Disruptive Business Innovation

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April 1st, 2014 – John Fluevog Shoes 

We’ve always been disruptive innovators here at Fluevog (Open Source Footwear,FlueMarketJohn’s DNA etc.), but with business heating up and getting more competitive we want to let you innovative business types into our plans for the future. Think outside of the box? What about exploding the box with Big Data, synergism, and One for One Less onto a collaborative canvas of phygital, 7σ outernets? Be Different! Question Everything

  1. The Power of 3: They say humans like things in sets of 3. We’re not convinced – from now on, Lists of 13 14!
  2. ONE FOR ONE Less: Now for every shoe you buy, we’ll take one shoe away from someone who has too many, and give it to someone who doesn’t quite have too many yet.
  3. No photography in stores? You now have to take a picture before we’ll let you in the Fluevog stores.
  4. The display shoes in our stores have now been replaced with hundreds of pieces of paper, with drawings of iPads with interactive pictures of each shoe.
  5. Customization? We’re going to flip that on its head! Now you can have any colo(u)r you want, as long as it’s black (RIP Henry Ford).
  6. Always pushing ‘green’, we’ve now placed random types of tree seeds on the soles of the shoes. We hope you like randomly placed oak trees, City Hall.
  7. You can now sell your old lightly loved Fluevogs to other Fluevogers online at
  8. The Footwear industry has been shackled by the very definition of the industry – breaking free, we have started producing footwear for every part of the body. We decided to tell the customer what they wanted, not ask them.
  9. Online orders will not be delivered by driverless cars, or single driver cars, but revolutionarily double drivered vans! (Early experimentation of this strategy have so far proven fatal.)
  10. The world has been preaching ‘be different’ for so long… we’ll be the unique ones to promote sameness. From now on, we will only be making one size of shoe – it’s up to the customer to fit in. This program is testing poorly in certain markets. The single size will be referred to as ‘prince symbol’.
  11. We’re taking all the ping-pong tables, in-house chefs, and Foosball tables out of our head office and sending them to the factories where our single-sized Fluevogs are made for the employees to enjoy. We encourage others to follow suit.
  12. Stores will now be open 24 hours. (Not in a row.)
  13. In-Yoga Office: Instead of in-office yoga, we’ll insist that your yoga studio lets you catch up on email and twitter during child’s pose. NamastEmail anyone?
  14. Made in China? Made in America? How about made in your living room? Order online and we’ll send you a guy (Derek) who will live with you for 2 weeks and make your Fluevogs right there! (He eats a lot btw. #glutenfree)(Great guy though.)


John Fluevog is an independent designer and retailer of forward-thinking footwear and accessories. Since 1970 he has been steadfast in creating unique soles for unique souls that have been seen everywhere from the feet of Madonna and Jack White to the runways of high fashion. John Fluevog Shoes was recently named one of the world’s most innovative companies in the fashion industry by creative business experts FastCompany, and New York’s Museum of Modern Art showcased an image of Fluevog’s footwear on both a calendar and postcard. Recently, John was recognized by The Two/Ten Foundation of Canada as The Canadian Footwear Industry’s Shoe Person of the Year.


John Fluevog est un designer et détaillant avant-gardiste indépendant de chaussures et d’accessoires qui se démarquent. Depuis 1970, John crée, pour des personnes uniques, des chaussures uniques qui ont été vues partout, des pieds de Madonna et de Jack White aux défilés de haute couture. Les experts de la création de FastCompany ont récemment désigné John Fluevog Shoes comme l’une des entreprises les plus innovatrices au monde et le Musée d’art moderne de New York a présenté une photo de chaussures Fluevog dans un calendrier et sur une carte postale. John a remporté dernièrement le prestigieux prix Personnalité du domaine de la chaussure de l’année du BATA Shoe Museum.

Press-ready photos available upon request. For more information or to talk to John contact: Photos de presse disponibles. Pour plus d’informations ou pour une entrevue avec John Fluevog :


Stephen Fluevog   /   604-688-2879 x259   /

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