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An Interview with Fluevog Denver’s Manager – Anto!

Anto Hogan, Denver Manager

Years with Fluevog: Since Denver’s opening, last year

Where are you from?
Dublin, Ireland

Describe Larimer Square in a nutshell:

Larimer Square is named after General Larimer, who is known as the founder of Denver (and who also had a flair for costume accessories). The square is the foundation of Denver and a historic part of the US. It started as the first neighbourhood during the gold rush in 1858, and quickly grew into what was officially named Denver in 1860. John Fluevog is right across from Gahan’s Saloon, which is an important part of Denver’s history because of its reputation as a favourite hangout for the city’s early politicians and journalists (and a hotbed of corruption).

Larimer favourites for:
Food: Bistro Vendôme
Cocktails: Corridor 44
Coffee: The Market
Favourite Shop(s) Other Than Fluevog: Goorin Bros. and Cry Baby Ranch

Something that would surprise people about Denver:
It’s complimented by the state. Cities often have forgettable surrounding areas, but Colorado as a whole is a wonderful playground.

Whats the best thing about Denver:
That’s a tough one, but it does host the biggest and best beer festival in the US.

Has John Goodman ever been in the store?
Not that I know of.

What about John Stamos?
It’s impossible to tell, but probably.

John Fluevog?
Yes. He loves it here!

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