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John Fluevog to open new store in Old Montréal!



January 2017 – John Fluevog Shoes

John has always believed in the harmony of old and new, so when the opportunity to open a new store in the heart of Old Montréal presented itself, he jumped from his seat so fast he left a trail of joie de vivre in his wake.

Set to open at 180 rue St-Paul Ouest this February, John Fluevog Shoes Vieux-Port is thrilled to complement and compliment our original Montréal store at 3857 rue St. Denis. Nestled in the heart of the city’s Old Port, the new store gives the good Fluevogers of Montréal a second space to call home amidst the rich history, architecture and bustling activity of the Vieux-Port area!

“I love Montréal. The city always seems to have this fresh and vibrant vibe going on, which I think has paired well with our shoes. We’re very excited to be putting some new roots down in the Old Port,” John remarks.

You won’t have to wait long. Soon, Montréal, The 514, or whatever all the cool kids are calling it now will boast double the Fluevog and double the unique soles for the many wonderful unique souls of the city to wear and adore.


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