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May 15 IS International Fluevog Day

It is only in the recent years that the exciting International Fluevog Day has started to become the public celebration we know today. One always feels the excitement right after the Easter eggs have spoiled and decorations go on clearance.

This year, celebrating 39 years of business and the initial inspiration behind International Fluevog Day, John Fluevog is delighted that the state of Rhode Island is considering passing laws that will make May 15th a state holiday.

“I can’t believe that International Fluevog Day has become this gigantic world phenomenon” John says. “When it first start 39 years ago, I had to buy myself my own International Fluevog Day present. I think it was a complete set of Edgar Allen Poe. Now, its just out of control. I get  e-cards from politicians all over the world… Rod Stewart called me yesterday asking if he could come and sing ‘Happy Fluevog Day’ to me. It’s like ‘Wow’!”

For those of you that don’t know, Fluevog Day is essentially the best parts of every special day and holiday rolled into one. The love of Valentine’s, mixed with the celebrations of New Year’s and the fellowship of St. Patrick’s Day, blended with the rest of them makes Fluevog Day pretty much the best day of the year. Wherever you are this Fluevog Day, remember to cherish your friends, park your car, serve and be served, value your soul, leave small prints, and be Fluevogian (oh, and show off your Fluevogs).

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