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Positive Affirmations from the Fluniverse!

Earlier this year, we spearheaded a fist-pump and high-five heavy celebration with our Positive Affirmation Sale. An effort to harness and demonstrate the power of unfiltered kindness towards your fellow friend (you look great, btw), we called on Fluevogers everywhere to share Positive Affirmations on our Facebook page if only to make someone else’s day a little bit brighter. This is just a small sampling of the outpouring of positivity that ensued:

“You are to me what a fine pair of snug fit Fluevogs are – smooth, artsy, rhythmically groovy, and colorfully curious (especially with turquoise). You always have a pep in your step and are willing to explore parts unknown. You rock any kind of nightlife with a sharpness dressed to destroy and you age beautifully with every one of life’s wounds you collect. Take a look in the mirror and you’ll see that you’re a beauty of an individual ready to conquer the world with every step you take.”

– To Stefan from Courtney

“You have the kind of soft, cuddly spirit that lullabies are made of. You have the kind of whimsy that is my greatest aspiration. Your sincerity, vulnerability and welcoming ways inspire me to be more true to myself. I want to live in your world <3”

– To Jennifer from Sharon

“She’s a badass with a brain, loyal to the core and full of fun, mischief and style. Big-hearted and generous beyond belief, Stacey gives her whole heart and doesn’t look back!”

– To Stacey from Nancy

“Patti is the most inspiring person I know. Not because she is perfection, but because in sharing her imperfections, she demonstrates how to live as if you only had 37 days left!”

– To Patti from Katie

“You are one of the most weirdly creative people I know and I love it. You make me do things I probably never would have thought of, let alone done.”

– To Robyn from Kt

“You are the epitome of class, grace and flair, and you’ve even managed to keep that up during the first year and a half after having a wee person. I admire this more than I can say. <3”

– To Perian from Wanda

“You are a bright star. You are always smiling and encouraging everyone around you. You have a monster-sized heart and a radiant spirit!”

– To Nicole from Cassandra

“My wife Mercedes is colorful in each and every way. She not only inspires me, but inspires so many others through her love of color, design and most importantly, people.”

– To Mercedes from Andy

“Tracy is a one of a kind friend. I love her dedication to her family and her work, and her ability to always help out – without complaining – whether it’s a stranger, friend or neighbor in need. She’s an amazing friend and I wish her nothing but lightness, love, warmth, energy and a little bit of luck…”

– To Tracy from Tara

“Today, I’m grateful for Cassandra’s friendship because she always encourages me to try harder, think about things from different perspectives and find the positive in every situation.”

– To Cassandra from Nicole

“You are without a doubt the best little sister anyone could ever hope for. Your kind heart and generosity, your tenacity and passion are just some of the outstanding qualities I admire in you. Best of all, you’re not just my sister, you’re also a friend that I can’t imagine life without. <3 <3 <3”

– To Sue from Cindy

“You are badass and I am happy I get to claim you as a friend.”

– To Robin from Sarah

“I want to shout out to my beautiful love Sherri. She’s been through a lot and it hurts that I can’t be there to hug her. She’s a beautiful soul whose heart is open to everyone. I’m blessed to have her as my friend.”

– To Sherri from Laura

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