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ShabbyKnapsack Pop-up Shop in Portland!

Fluevog Portland is delighted to be welcoming ShabbyKnapsack for a Pop-up Shop on Saturday, Oct. 13th! Stop by the store between 1-5pm to shop this local PDX-er’s up-cycled creations alongside our latest Fall ’18 arrivals!

About ShabbyKnapsack:

Lizzy Myers is ShabbyKnapsack and ShabbyKnapsack, Lizzy Myers. From start to finish, every handmade “Shabby garment” is a “Lizzy.” But not just a Lizzy. Lizzy is herself a subject of creation and design. As a forth generation seamstress, the lives and spirit of her ancestry are stitched into every work of wearable art. From childhood they trained her in their art – mother, grandmother, even great grandmother and great aunts! Each, in turn, having been trained by those before; each stitching into the next what was lovingly stitched into them. Their art is her art and yet, her art is still very much her own.  For Lizzy is not just a child of posterity. She is a child of Portland. And Portland has also got her “stitchings in.” For a decade-and-a-half, the City of Roses has been infusing its fragrance into her fabrics – a coming of age for art and artist alike. A coming of age, yet the child lives on. Child of descent. Child of demography. Child of design. Designs greater than her and yet from her. All hers. All yours. Thanks to family. Thanks to Portland. Thanks to Portland Saturday Market. And thanks to Fluevog for sensing a kindred spirit in ShabbyKnapsack, a kindred spirit in Lizzy. Thanks to all.


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