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Something old, something new: Fluevog Vieux-Port portraits by Andy Dixon

[This interview first appeared in Issue 9 of The Fluevog Post (Fall/Winter 2017)] 

When John found the perfect spot to open his second Montreal store in a charming little heritage building by the Old Port, he looked at the bare stone walls and knew they were ripe for something extra special. Fortunately, artist Andy Dixon is a friend of a friend and agreed to take on the challenge.

What were your first impressions when you saw the photos of John you were to recreate?
To be honest, I get a bit nervous about the idea of portraits, but I was elated when I saw the source material for John’s pieces. The sense of theatrics and all the wild ornamentation in them were right up my alley. I was eager to get started immediately.


How did you approach creating the new portraits?
Once I received the source images, I began to make specific colour choices, taking into consideration the fact that the pictures would all be hung together and should have a harmony between them. I was especially left to my own devices for the two smaller pieces since the original photos were black and white, so I wasn’t biased by pre-existing hues.

Portraits are always a little tricky. I need to stay true to my personal style, but I also want the final piece to resemble the real person. It’s a balancing act trying to stay honest to those two diametric poles.

Do you have a favourite pair of Fluevogs?
Despite being a man with a love of beautiful ornamentation, I’ve always gone a little more minimal with my footwear, so I love the very classic 104 Prince St oxford.

Artwork: Andy Dixon
Photography: Laure Moullé

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