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StreetVogs in Seattle

Here we go again! StreetVogs is back to take you on a brand new photographic journey, this time of the great city of Seattle. We’re happy to be partnering with local talent Andrew, aka. @andvalan for this round of visual delights and are excited to see snippets of this historic Fluevogian city through his unique lens.


Here’s a bit about Andrew in his own words:

I grew up in Bellevue WA, across the lake from Seattle and was very much a typical suburban kid. For whatever reason, I didn’t like the City and never enjoyed my time in Seattle. After high school, I worked different jobs while going to community college. One of those jobs put me in downtown Seattle’s restaurant industry and while living in the University District, I slowly began to appreciate the City and it’s people.

After my time at college I found myself working 60-70 hour weeks between two jobs. I had never considered myself a creative person but started to question that when my schedule gave me no room to express myself. With the influence and encouragement of a few friends working in film and photography, I started intentionally shooting photos on my iPhone and fell in love with the creative process of photography.

Most of my early photos were landscapes and nature, which Washington has endless amounts of. It wasn’t until I stumbled across some Instagrammers out of New York and Chicago, who were posting stunning images of their cities, that I tried taking pictures in Seattle. Shooting in the city challenged me to find beauty where most people wouldn’t expect it and that is one of the most fulfilling aspects of photography for me. I see my city as a complex and fluid environment where everything is potential art waiting to be captured, and doing that is when I feel most alive.

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