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The black steel gates that separate Downing street from the public have always been a controversial subject, providing a suitable symbol for the accessibility and division between Government and the general public. Everyday from these gates, hundreds of tourists and paparazzi snap photos of #10 Downing Street, where the British Prime Minister resides. But here at Fluevog, we have been more curious about #12 Downing Street which was formally the Chief Whip's Office (what is a chief whip, and where can we get one?). Once numbered #13 until it burnt down amid suspicious circumstances, The Chief Whip's Office was renumbered #12 out of superstition.

Inspired by antique gentleman's boots, John had drawn up designs for a classic brogue boot with gorgeous buttery Italian leathers. Using 19th century traditional methods, the lace-up Downing Boots featured leather soles, leather heel lifts, a removable buckled strap harness, and a timeless almond toe shape. Legend has it that on particularly hot evenings, one can see the ghost of Spencer Percival roaming Downing Street in boots not unlike Fluevog's Downing Boots.

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